Why Trump destroys global political and economic system

Why Trump destroys global political and economic system

Meeting between presidents of Russia and America - Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump - will begin July 16. Trump will arrive in Finland in advance, while Putin will arrive on the day of negotiations. Meeting will begin with a one-on-one conversation with interpreters. After that there will be negotiations in expanded format. Political observer Rostislav Ishchenko spoke about details of this meeting.

"Political and economic model of the US, as well as global political and economic model is built in such a way that Washington can't simply say: 'Guys, we will live in our own way, and you can develop as you like.' If the US simply withdraw from this global economic model, the global market, then they will turn into a slowly dying autocracy, and all other countries will live happily and peacefully because of it. That's why in order to begin transition to isolationism, Trump has to destroy existing global political and economic system," Ishchenko believes.

According to him, Trump has gained some freedom in recent months: "He managed to make changes to his team, get rid of opponents and find supporters, managed to deal with pressure put by the democrats, even though they tried to get rid of him just six months ago. Now Trump tries to make the UN structures insignificant. American diplomats have already begun to say that the UN should be shut down because it's not needed.Trump also tries to destroy the WTO and isn't sure about necessity of the NATO."

According to Ishchenko, Trump supports those forces that try to destroy the EU: "All of his actions show that he pursues destruction of those structures that make up the backbone of today's global world. He comes to the NATO summit, where he's greeted by friends who say: 'Donald, we thought about it and decided that you were right, let's make it 2%, but in 2024.' Trump replies: 'No, guys, I also thought about it, not 2% in 2024, but 4% right now.' He gives his European partners ultimatum: they must completely abandon independence, their independent economic policy. The US was against the Nord Stream-2, but it's actually a bigger issue. Trump says that Europe should not buy Russian gas at all. If you look from the position of the US as a leader of the Western world, then he is absolutely right when he says: 'Guys, we spend money on your safety, you save this money. You say you want us to protect you from Russia, but then you take this money that we spent on you and give them to Russia to buy gas. And Russia builds its own army using this money. So you shouldn't buy Russian gas, you must stop energy cooperation with Russia and cooperate with the United States'."

Expert believes that it can lead to economic collapse of the EU: "The European Union won't just become a junior partner of the US, it will find itself in a situation in which Bulgaria is now inside the EU. If the EU won't accept Trump's ultimatum, then Trump will destroy NATO and the EU."