Why far-right parties will never come to power in Europe

Why far-right parties will never come to power in Europe

Analytical report by the Institute for Foreign Policy Studies and Initiatives “Identity and Democracy: Far-Right in the European Parliament” was presented in Moscow. Authors discussed difficult political situation in one of the key structures of the European Union: nine radical parties formed the “Identity and Democracy” faction in the European Parliament, and it could influence appointment of new European Commissioners, thus promoting their far-right agenda at the European level.

Sergei Ordzhonikidze, Chairman of the Russian Public Council for International Cooperation and Public Diplomacy at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, doesn't see serious political prospects in cooperation with far-right forces and is confident that it's almost impossible that they'll ever come to power in Europe.

"When it comes to foreign policy, you have to work with those who are in power. But this doesn't mean that they will be our allies or will be benevolent towards our country. All opinion polls show that the vast majority of Europe's population still doesn't support the right wing, and if we support them, we will be antagonized by the vast majority of European countries' population. It would be nonsensical and harmful policy for our country to support nationalists," Ordzhonikidze said.

In his opinion, far-right cannot resolve any serious issues: “If you look at their programs in domestic politics, in foreign politics, it's kind of absurd, it's a mixture of mutually exclusive things. In domestic politics, their positions have mutually exclusive views on poverty and tax benefits for the rich, buildup of military budgets and total control of citizens at the national level. All of these things are harmful. When it comes to foreign politics, they do everything to win over voters that have supported the center. Right now centrist parties of Europe are starting to lose voters more and more because far-right and far-left use populist slogans. They are supported by protest electorate, which has always existed and will continue to exist. Far-right try to confuse people, take advantage of them by promoting mutually exclusive approaches. It’s not clear how to negotiate with them, and this is dangerous for international relations."


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