Why slave of his wishes is dangerous

Why slave of his wishes is dangerous

A cutout from the book by Dr. Ali Vardi "Social Glimpses of Iraq’s Modern History”.

In 1917, British General Stanley Maude, who at that time was the head of the British occupation forces in Iraq, met a shepherd. He told the shepherd through an interpreter that he would give him a pound if he kills any of his herding dogs. The shepherd's dogs were thoroughbred and devoted to the shepherd. They played an important role in protecting the shepherd's sheep from wolves, helping to feed the sheep and warning the shepherd of danger. But with the money the general offered, he could buy half the sheep that were in his flock. The shepherd decided to grab one of the sheep and slaughter it at the general's feet. The general refused and ordered to kill the dog. Without thinking twice, the shepherd obeyed.

The general promised another pound in exchange for skinning the dog. The shepherd took the money and did as the general told him. General Maude promised to give one more pound if the shepherd tore the dog apart, so, the shepherd cut the dog into small pieces.

The general gave the shepherd three pounds and was already going away when suddenly the shepherd said: "I am ready to eat the dog if you give me one more pound." The general grinned and said: “I just wanted to understand your nature. I see that you are a slave of your wishes. You strangled your best friend for three pounds, skinned him and cut into pieces. And you're even ready to eat it for a fourth pound. That's all I need to know about you.” Then, addressing his soldiers, the general said: "As long as there are such people here, you have nothing to worry about."

This story teaches us that cowardly slaves of their wishes are ready to do anything for their nafs, they will serve any enemy to disintegrate and colonize their society in exchange for several pounds.