Women's Union of Russia wants to involve young people in constructive activity

Women's Union of Russia wants to involve young people in constructive activity

The Women's Union of Russia hosted a conference on the topic ‘The Women's Council as a factor of sustainable regional development’, which was attended by the leaders of 75 regional offices of the Union and 27 collective member organizations. The chairwoman of the organization, Yekaterina Lakhova, spoke about socially significant projects. "The country's leadership to date has taken decisive action in the international arena to escape the deep deadlock to which the actions of the United States and NATO have brought the world. And the financial and economic crisis, which has affected all spheres of national life, is not weakening. In these circumstances, as in previous difficult times, we must gather together, help to unite all the healthy forces of society, search for new effective forms and directions in our work," Lakhova urged.

According to her, one of the main conditions for Russia's existence should be civil and interethnic accord. "Our alliance is a prime example of civic responsibility, unity and harmony. After all, it includes representatives of all the nationalities living in Russia. In today's world, resistance to aggression, violence, terrorism, nationalism and other forms of extremism, particularly among young people, has become one of the main objectives of national security. We have repeatedly noted with concern that young people manifest denial of moral principles, erasing family values, labor, education, they lack respect for the older generation, for the country's history. A fundamental value is often replaced by the ideals of a consumer society. To this is added the problem of youth employment, the inability to be realized, a feeling of worthlessness, a desire to find oneself," she believes.

She is confident that these painful points, as well as a lack of life experience, are used in the recruitment of young people to Daesh and other extremist organizations. "A special role is played here by the skillful conduct of the Islamic State propaganda, both real and virtual, using Internet resources. Undoubtedly, specialists should first of all deal with the technologies to counter these challenges. But we, the public, have no right to step back from the problem. What can we, public organizations, do to engage young people in the life of the country, in constructive activities? It seems to me that the state and public organizations, working together, need to adopt our own existing domestic experience. This is to attract young people to participate in volunteering, in building squads in search, scientific, geographical, archaeological expeditions, military-sports clubs and camps, in socially-oriented organizations. And the advisors, educators in the difficult task of socialization of young people could be public teachers, women's councils and fathers advisory bodiesunited into a single public institution. I want you to pay attention to this. The Institute of Public Mentors, women's councils and fathers advisory bodies. All women's councils initiatives must be focused even more energetically on maintaining social stability," the chairwoman of the Women's Union of Russia stated.


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