Yana Kudryavtseva, "Medal of the First European Games is of double importance to me"

Yana Kudryavtseva, "Medal of the First European Games is of double importance to me"

Today Russian gymnast Yana Kudryavtseva won gold in the individual all-round artistic gymnastics in the framework of the First European Games in Baku. According to the sum of the four exercises – hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon – she got 76.1 points

"Every time I say that there is no limit to perfection. There were some small flaws, which we will try to correct in the finals. Still I have another three types performances. I will try to improve myself, I will try to do better, " Kudryavtseva said, adding that she was not upset that she had failed to make the finals in exercises with hoop.

The gymnast said that she is always nervous before performances: "I woke up with rather strong jitters in the morning, I can put it like that. But approaching the competition it was a little bit easier, but still. In the first competitions I was trembling. So I do not know. I thought, on the contrary, it is clear across the hall, but I tried as much as possible to hide it. "

"Each gold medal for me is very important. These European Games are the first. That is, in general  a double victory. The medal was needed. We tried to show all that we can. Thank you to the judges, thanks to the fans, to all those who supported us," Yana Kudryavtseva said.

"We have an entire grandstand of Russian fans, for which we are very grateful to the Russian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics. Without them, we would probably have failed. Because the Azerbaijani fans are very vociferous and support their gymnasts very strongly. That is why we were very pleased to hear them. Thank you very much!" the gymnast concluded.


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