"Yerablur" is being concreted: scandal at the cemetery

"Yerablur" is being concreted: scandal at the cemetery

On the last day of summer, the parents of the servicemen buried in the Yerablur military pantheon gathered in front of the Armenian government building, protesting against the dismantling of their sons' graves. They called it vandalism and sacrilege. The fact is that earlier, the parents of Narek Gevorkyan, who died during the Second Karabakh war, discovered that his grave was destroyed: the tombstone, columns and benches were demolished and stolen.

The Armenian Defense Ministry said that the relatives of the deceased intended to erect a monument in Yerablur, which resembles a mausoleum, which cast a shadow on the neighboring graves or even blocked them altogether. But the question is how the dismantling was carried out: was it carried out by specially trained people or ordinary vandals?

Aysor quotes Gevorkian's father: "I came and saw that my son's grave was destroyed, the photograph was lying on the ground. Although we received special permission to erect a tombstone from the former and current defense ministers."

However, the Ministry of Defense said: “We spoke many times with the father of the serviceman, Roman Gevorkyan, repeatedly urged him to stop construction.

One way or another, now in the military pantheon, work is underway, the result of which should be the bringing of all tombstones to a single standard. The Ministry of Defense of Armenia plans to install the same type of tombstones by the end of the year, similar to military cemeteries in other countries.

As reported by "Sputnik Armenia", both the parents of those buried in the pantheon and its architect oppose this. The relatives of some of the dead servicemen are outraged that the builders are using too much concrete, leaving no room for the green zone: when you look at the graves from afar, you see solid concrete. But the main problem is different - the search for the remains of the victims is still ongoing. If new remains of those already buried are found, they will have to break the concrete. Aslan Mkhitaryan, who is responsible for the architecture of the pantheon, says that he is not involved in the ongoing work, which, according to him, is carried out haphazardly.

One way or another, work at Yerablur is planned to be completed by the end of this year. Critics of what is happening at the cemetery recall in this regard that the Armenian nationalists created in the cemeteries of the Azerbaijani lands occupied for almost three decades - "they dug up graves, pulled out gold teeth from the dead, sold tombstones, broke steles" ...


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