Young diplomats gather in Moscow

Young diplomats gather in Moscow

The 3rd Global Forum of Young Diplomats will be held in Moscow on November 13-15. It will be attended by foreign policy experts from 85 countries.

“Young diplomats communicate at a horizontal level, despite political tensions between Russia, the West, the U.S. and the EU. This is very important because tomorrow these people will make political decisions. Therefore, when teaching our students, we place a special emphasis not only on on official diplomacy, which is built along the vertical of power from the president to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but also on public diplomacy, soft power diplomacy. Therefore, I believe that this format is very effective. It will certainly lay the foundation for a future dialogue. We hope that our colleagues will expand the circle of partners. Not just Rossotrudnichestvo, MGIMO and the Diplomatic Academy, but many other public diplomacy organizations that participate in the implementation of our foreign policy course," MGIMO's Vice-Rector for Human Resources Vladimir Morozov said.

“This is the third time we are hosting the Global Forum of Young Diplomats. This is a platform that has already established itself as a club for discussions between young foreign policy-makers from around the world. The topic of this meeting is changing the global world order. The forum will last three days. It will be held at three venues, in particular, there will be meetings at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they will discuss the role of the media and humanitarian organizations in modern international relations, the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the 75th anniversary of the UN, as well as economic integration," chairman of the Young Diplomats' Council of the Russian Foreign Ministry Konstantin Kolpakov said.

According to him, the quantitative component will be a feature of the forum: “We have about 160 participants. Geographical coverage has grown significantly compared to previous years. If last year 64 countries took part, this year we have participants from about 85 countries. For the first time, we have colleagues from the U.S., the number of representatives from Europe is three times higher than last year. Therefore, there is something to talk about, there is something to tell each other, there is someone to talk to. We consider this platform relevant, productive and effective in order to unite our m international professional community."