Youth of Russia and Uzbekistan promote friendship

Youth of Russia and Uzbekistan promote friendship

The second Russian-Uzbek youth forum kicked off in Tashkent. Sessions and panel discussion devoted to youth entrepreneurship, tourism, science, technology and education will be held within the framework of the forum; its participants will visit Samarkand and Bukhara. The first forum was held in May 2016.

On behalf of Russian students, in particular of the History Faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, the opening of the forum was addressed by a student of the Diaspora History Laboratory at the History Faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Anton Livshits, who said that the Moscow University actively interacts with the CIS countries. "The History Faculty of the Moscow State University assesses the study of the CIS countries as a matter of priority, therefore, on December 18, 2013, the Scientific Council of the Diaspora History was established by the decision of the Academic Council of the History Faculty of the Moscow State University. It is responsible for creating a research base for studying the diasporas of Russia and abroad; exchanging scientific experience and maintaining interstate humanitarian ties; providing assessments and analysis of sources and empirical materials, field studies, monitoring, publishing results; developing national-cultural associations, interacting on these issues with state and public profile structures; collecting, systematizing and introducing personal archives of leaders and members of the diasporas into scientific use; forming its own empirical source base at the historical faculty; establishing contacts and interacting with the diaspora, as well as monitoring interethnic and interreligious relations," Anton Livshits said.

The Center's work resulted in research activities, expert work, organization and participation in numerous scientific conferences, publication of scientific works, establishment and maintenance of scientific contacts with neighboring countries, including organization and signing of bilateral agreements between the History Faculty of the Moscow State University and social and cultural organizations, scientific and university centers.

It is envisaged that a space for dialogue of youth will be formed within the framework of the Russian-Uzbek forum, as well as a platform for interaction of youth associations of Russia and Uzbekistan. In Samarkand, it is planned to sign a cooperation agreement in the field of tourism between the Committee for Youth Policy and Tourism of Volgograd administration and Uzbekistan's Agency of Youth Tourism.