In memory of Elmira Nazirova

In memory of Elmira Nazirova

Piotr Lyukimson, Israel. Exclusively for Vestnik Kavkaza.


The Azerbaijan-Israel organization has announced the death of the prominent piano player and composer, People's Artist of Azerbaijan Elmira Nazirova.


Elmira Nazirova was born on 30 November 1928 in Baku, to Academic Mirza Rza and the famous piano player and teacher Leyla Muradova. Her debut as a composer took place while she was still at school, when Elmira Nazirova played her music for the participants of the  10-Day Festival of South Caucasus Republics in Tbilisi.


Even before graduating from the conservatory, Elmira Nazirova joined the Composers Association upon the personal recommendation of Uzeir Gadzhibekov. At the Moscow Conservatory she had classes with the most prominent musicians of the time, including Shostakovich. Her numerous preludes, sonatas, transcriptions of Azeri folk songs, études and variations were performed by famous musicians and symphony orchestras of various countries.


Elmira Khanum was famous as a prominent performer as well. Her concert tours were very successful in dozens of cities of the former USSR and abroad. The most popular was her piano concert of Arabic themes, written together with Fikret Amirov.


Many prominent musicians of Azerbaijan, Israel, the U.S. and other countries remember Elmira Nazirova as an outstanding teacher.

For the last twenty years, Elmira Nazirova lived in Israel with her family and continued active teaching and social activities.


As for her social work, she actively helped her husband, Professor Myron Fel, to create "Khaifa-Baku", one of the first organizations for descendants from Azerbaijan in Israel, and then the AZIZ. Until her last hours, Elmira Nazirova remained a true daughter of Azerbaijan, propagandizing actively its history, culture and art among Israelis.


Elmira Nazirova left two children, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Her son is the talented composer Elmar Fel, her grandson is the famous American jazzman Timur Fel.


"The memory of Elmira Nazirova, a famous musician who contributed a lot to Azeri and world music culture, will remain in the hearts of art lovers both from Azerbaijan and far from it," the obituary published by AZIZ reads.


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