Crimea to be developed by the ministry

Crimea to be developed by the ministry


By Vestnik Kavkaza

Yesterday, President Putin signed orders on establishing the Ministry for Crimean Affairs of Russia and appointed Oleg Savelyev its head. Under his management the ministry will develop drafts of state programs on development of Crimea and coordinate implementation of the programs. Premier Medvedev suggested several initiatives during his visit to Crimea.


Infrastructure problems became main for Crimea, but as for power supply, specialists are searching for solutions.


Yevgeny Gasho, an advisor to the Department of expert analysis of the Analytical Center of the Government of the Russian Federation, says that “the territory of Crimea is 27 thousand sq. km (it is equal to the Belgorod Region), but it consumes less power energy. Crimea’s own power energy sources are 10%, and almost 90% of them are imported. What can be done?”


Gasho thinks that renewable power sources are a way out: “Four solar stations which will gradually pay way will bring 5-7%. When we developed the program of power efficiency in the Krasnodar Krai, we realized that geographically the situation in Krasnodar is the same; renewable power sources gave only 3-4%. So, we need a complex strategy for Crimea. The matter is urgent; it is about a balance. Moreover, we need to consider the heating system of the city. The political situation is difficult. For eample, we cannot use our water nuclear power platform “Zvezdochka.” In the future we should build a stable system which will enable us to test additional options on the whole complex of aspects and establish a long-term effective system of power supply.”


Vladimir Usiyevich, Director General of SberEnergoDevelopment, also thinks that renewable power sources can be used in Crimea: “There are specific climate conditions, and development of solar power could be promising. However, it would be right to watch the situation from above, i.e. don’t be in a hurry to make certain decisions. Power supply and renewable power resources demand specific conditions of distribution and safety of power nets. Building a perfect power balance in the unique region should be started with an adequate scheme of power supply of the whole region, considering all these peculiarities.” 


Vestnik Kavkaza

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