Russia and Abkhazia are dividing land

Russia and Abkhazia are dividing land

At the end of March a meeting was held in Moscow of a bilateral commission on delimitation and demarcation of the border between Abkhazia and Russia. The small mountain village of Aibga, located near Krasnaya Polyana and divided into two parts by the border river Psou, was placed at the center of controversies. The Russian side was blamed for grabbing 160 square meters of Abkhaz territory in the name of security before the Sochi Olympics and claiming that the Abkhaz side of Aibga was part of Russian territory.

Sukhumi has prepared documents and archival materials and does not want to capitulate. The Party of the Forum of National Unity of Abkhazia (FNUA) has already made alarming statements. 
The FNUA places the responsibility for signing of the agreements on the state border on the top political leaders of Abkhazia, up to reconsidering the question of the advisability of their services as senior governmental officials. However, experts believe that such drastic measures will not be required. This is not the first conflict over land and property. Moscow has already made concessions by agreeing to Sukhumi's demand to exclude Russian citizens of Georgian origins from being applicants for real estate in Abkhazia. 

Interestingly enough, amidst the dispute on the land, some media sources published information referring to the Defense Minister of Abkhazia, Mirabeau Kishmaria, regarding the seizure of property of the ex-mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov. Kishmaria himself rejected this information as nonsense. A senior source in the Abkhaz government told Apsnypress that a "big piece of land in the city center, which is being used for building an entertainment center and a golf club" is called the House of Moscow and was built at the expense of the city government of the Russian capital.  The House of Moscow is not a private property, but an institution that belongs to the Moscow administration. The same "Houses" nave been built in Minsk, Yerevan, Riga, Sofia and other cities.

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