South Ossetia to hold new round of voting

South Ossetia to hold new round of voting

by Yekaterina Tesemnikova exclusively for VK

South Ossetia will hold a second round of voting on April 8. The first round resulted in Leonid Tibilov with 42.48% of vote (11,453) and David Sanakoyev with 24.58% (6627).Dmitry Medoyev with 23.79% of vote (6415) and Stanislav Kochiyev with 5.26% (1417) failed to pass. 0.80% of the population (216) voted against all candidates. 70.28% of the population took part in the election process.

Observers and candidates had positive experiences. "The laws of South Ossetia allowed the state structures and CEC to hold the elections so that international observers and observers of candidates registered no serious violations. Few citizens voted against all. It means that the candidates organized their electoral campaign so that their programs were of interest to people in South Ossetia. The mood people came in with to vote and the well-organized voting process show that South Ossetia has prospects", Victor Ozerov, an observer for the Federation Council, head of the committee for defenses and security, said.

"The first round of vote was held according to all international standards and norms. Registered violations are normal for electoral campaigns", an observer for the Russian Public Chamber Maksim Grigoryev said, expressing hope that the second round will be held in the same normal and peaceful atmosphere.

Taymuraz Mamsurov, head of North Ossetia, recently appointed as Russian special presidential representative to South Ossetia, said that "the current candidates for president, their supporters and the absolute majority of the population have common grounds on priorities of domestic and foreign policy, mainly the course for improving ties with Russia, further development of statehood and sustainable socio-economic development of South Ossetia".

Although Leonid Tibilov is way ahead, forecasting his victory at the second round is complicated. A lot will depend on whether he will be supported by candidates that failed to pass the first round. Dmitry Medoyev has not decided on whom to support. "I will vote for sure and will do it at the polling station of the South Ossetian Embassy in Moscow. I will continue serving my country on the diplomatic field, remaining an active actor of the political process", Medoyev said.

Neither has Stanislav Kochiyev made a choice yet: "I have time to think it over. But I can say for certain that we have preserved stability, the elections were clear, according to the law and the candidates should keep the same serenity and stability in the second round. In any case, the most important thing is to choose the state leader and start creative process".

"We will surely win in the second round and make our young state advanced, economically firm and prosperous, Sanakoyev says. "We doubtlessly wanted to win in the first round, taking into account the fact that we have outrun our opponents that much. But, bearing the situation in mind, we were ready for two rounds. We have the results we got and we will continue work. I am certainly confident in my victory in the new round", Tibilov says.


About Leonid Tibilov

I am Tibilov Leonid Kharitonovich, born on March 28, 1952, at the Verkhny Dvan Village of Znaursky District of South Ossetia. I graduated at the department of physics and mathematics of the South Ossetian State Institute of Pedagogues. I served in the Soviet Army. I worked at the national education system from November 1975 to August 1981 as a teacher of physics, mathematics, school principal, director, deputy head of the maths section of the Institute for Teachers' Improvement.
InSeptember 1981, I enter the State Security Committee as a cadet of the highest courses of the USSR KGB in Minsk, senior officer for the criminal investigation department, head of the economic security department.
On May 28, 1992, according to the order of the Supreme Council, ministers of South Ossetia, I was appointed as the Minister for Security and from July 14, 1992, to January 1, 1995, I was head of the Services for Security of Mixed Forces for maintenance of order and peace at the zone of Georgian-Ossetian conflict, on order of the Federal Intelligence Service.
In February 1998 I was promoted to General-Major by the president.
In August 1998, I was appointed as Chairman of South Ossetian government by the president. In March 1999 I became a co-chair of the Mixed Control Commission of South Ossetia and head of the expert group until 2002.
Since then, I worked as Assistant Chairman of Parliament, head of the office of the South Ossetian part of the MCC for settlement of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, Deputy Minister for Special Affairs.
In June 2007, I became the CEO of the Commercial Bank, on December 22, 2011, I started working as a consultant of the office of the Russian plenipotentiary presidential envoy to South Ossetia.
I was elected as a member of the Supreme Council of the second calling.
Was promoted to extraordinary and plenipotentiary envoy by the president.
I was awarded with medals of the USSR, South Ossetia and Tran-Dnistria.
I have two children and four grandchildren.

About David Sanakoyev
I am Sanakoyev David Georgiyevich, borin on December 14, 1976, at Tskhinvali, South Ossetia.
In 1982-1993, studied at the Tskhinvali Middle School N5;
In 1993-1998, continued education at the South Ossetian State University (economic department, specialized in finances and credit);
In 2007, started post-graduate studies at the Russian Academy for State Service of the President (subdepartment of national and federative relations);
In 2008, started dissertation on "Activity of state public structures for refugee affairs basing on materials of North Ossetia-Alania".
In 1998-2000, worked as a consultant of the Children's Fund of South Ossetia public organization, was monitoring demands of citizens in distributing aid, organizing treatment of ill children;
In 2000-2001, was consultant for refugees at the Era public organization, consulting refugees and forced migrants on restoration and construction of housing;
In 2001-2002, was an advisor of the Agency for Motivation of Society and Social Development, organizing seminars for encouragement of civil activity, working with youth, taking part in public organizations of North Caucasus.
In 2004-2009, was Vice Commander of the Separate Highland Squad of the Defense and Emergency Ministries of South Ossetia under command of Bestauta Bal Ivanovich.
In 2004, started working as South Ossetian Ombudsman. I am also developing international cooperation in protection of human rights, legal enlightenment, forms and methods of protecting the rights and freedom.
I cooperate with the Ombudsman of Abkhazia Georgy Otyrba, of Trans-Dnistria Vasily Kalko, Nagorno-Karabakh Yuri Ayrapetyan, Commissioner of the Council of Europe for Human Rights Thomas Hammarberg.
Part in military conflicts
In 2004, I fought during the Georgian agression as Vice Commander of the Separated Highland Squad under command of Bala Bestayev, was wounded.
On August 1-6, 2008, was evacuating children from pre-war Tskhinvali.
On August 8, 2008, I joined the Separated Highland Squad for further operations.
Public activity
In August 2008, I became the Plenipotentiary Chairman of the Emergency Commission on order of Znaur Gassiyev. Started working on return of the captured, wounded and killed by Georgian attack on South Ossetia. I returned 45 captured citizensm except 7 missing, by the end of 2008.
Since September 2008, I have been the expert for public fund "South Ossetia Accuses" and the Sandizan Organization of Ossetian Communities.
After the Georgian agression in August 2008, I have been taking active part in breaking the information blockade of South Ossetia. Was making speeches at numerous round-table conferences at various international organizations.
I took part in protests to support South Ossetia in Strasburg (France).
Since 2009, I have been taking part in International Geneva Discussions ( representatives of Russia, Georgia, Abkhazia, UN, OSCE and USA), where I represent South Ossetia in discussing preparation of proposals for non-use of force by Georgia, solution of humanitarian issues, refugees and misisng people.
President of the Kyokusin-kan karate-do Federation of South Ossetia.
Not married.
Father Sanakoyev Georgy Dianozovich, born in 1953, works as Deputy Chairman, head of the department for control of the South Ossetian Chamber for Control and Accounts.
Mother Sanakoyeva Tatyana Yegorovna, born in 1953, works as chief specialist of the South Ossetian Pension Fund.
Brother Sanakoyev Inal Georgiyevich, born in 1978, works as an engineer of the department for material and technical service of the Irdon construction company in the Shakhty City of the Rostov Region.
Brother Sanakoyev Alexey Georgiyevich, born in 1985, works as head of the department for border structures of the South Ossetian Foreign Ministry.