Kabardinian horses

Kabardinian horses

The natural features of the Caucasus Mountains, as well as the traditional lifestyle of the Caucasian peoples, made horses and their training an indispensable part of the region’s image. All Kabardinian men used to master the dangerous art of stunt riding.

Kabardinian horses were bred for riding and warfare and they were seldom used as work animals. Horses of this breed are extremely smart and strong and capable of finding their bearings in mountainous terrain.

Kabardinian horses are famous all over the world. They were bred in the 16th century by crossing steppe horses with Arabian studs. By the 17th century the new breed was known in Turkey, Romania, Persia, Austri and Hungary.

During the Great Patriotic War, Kabardinian horses were used by the Red Army and covered the distance from the Caucasus to the Alps.

In the second half of the 20th century the number of Kabardinian horses decreased dramatically, but enthusiasts managed to save the breed from extinction. Today there are two major studs in Kabardina.

The breed is known for its ability to keep its balance on the most tricky mountain passes, as well as for their gentle pace. Kabardinian horses are the most massive of mountain horse breeds: their typical height is 152-157 cm., their usual color is bay or black. The breed also has a distinct form of hooves suited for mountain tracks.

According to tradition, one should never stroke or spur a Kabardinian horse, in order to protect its proud and bright spirit.


Today Kabardinian horses are used in mountain frontier guard patrols and in tourist recreation facilities, and they also show good results in equestrian sport.

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