200th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino

200th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino

This year Russia marks the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino. The celebrations will become a response to attempts of reconsideration of historic facts – some people stated that the Russian army didn’t contribute to the victory over Napoleon, others declared him a hero and “the precursor of the European Union.” Meanwhile, Moscow have been preparing for celebration for two years. The State Commission on preparation for celebration of the 200th anniversary of Russia in Patriotic War of 1812 is working. It is headed by President.

The main events will take place on September 2 and 8 on the Borodino field.

Andrey Busygin, Deputy Culture Minister of Russia

We expect a big inflow of participants, more than 100 thousand people. Our task is to make visits of the so-called VIP-guests, including top officials of countries, balanced with the festival where so many people will take part. There President will present certificates on awarding towns Mozhaisk and Maloyaroslavets with titles of Military Glory. The Borodino field is not only the field of memory of the war 1812, but also the Great Patriotic War because important fights within the battle for Moscow took place there.

September 2 is the Day of Moscow. And many arrangements will take place in the capital. We know quite well that in this day trains which departure to Moscow at 6 a.m. are full. At the moment we are negotiating with volunteers who will regulate the flows. We should develop a schedule for buses which will carry people from Borodino to the place of historic reconstruction.

2.5 billion rubles are allocated for celebration from the federal budget. Budgets of Moscow, the Kaluga Region, the Smolensk Region, and the Moscow Region allocated more than 270.5 million rubles. A small amount is allocated by municipalities. Serious restoration work was fulfilled, monuments were reconstructed, for example, in Maloyaroslavets, monuments which were destroyed during the Soviet period. The movie “Vasilisa Kozhina” is being shot. A series of TV-movies has been produced. A great work was done in archives on restoration of documents on the events of the war 1812. Albums are published. A great number of departments took part in preparation.

The Rossotrudnichestvo will conduct arrangements abroad, in European countries which were involved into the developments of 1812-1814. One of the most important events is the horse expedition Moscow-Paris.

Moreover, the Museum of Patriotic War 1812 within the State Historic Museum will be opened. A special hall was build for it behind the former Moscow City Duma where Lenin Museum used to stand. The hall is of 1400 square meters. The permanent exposition will take place there. There will be a hall for temporary expositions as well. Exhibit items of this museum have been stored in the State Historic Museum for 100 years. Collection of these items began right after celebration of the 100th anniversary of the war 1812. Unfortunately, the First World War and further revolution of 1917 prevented establishing of the museum, and only 100 years later the idea will be implemented.

On December 25 the gala night and the concert will take place on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater. On December 25 the manifest by Alexander I was published that Napoleon’s army left Russia.