Russian Azerbaijani Congress: results and problems

Russian Azerbaijani Congress: results and problems

By Vestnik Kavkaza


In Moscow a meeting of the Central Council of the RAC (Russian Azerbaijani Congress) took place, which summed up the results of the organization for the year 2012. The participants of the meeting included Polad Byul-Byul Ogly, the ambassador of Azerbaijan in Russia, the vice-president of Heydar Aliyev Fund, Leila Aliyeva, the state consul of Azerbaijan in St.-Petersburg, Gudsi Osmanov, and other representatives of Azerbaijani Diaspora in Russia.


Nemat Nagdaliyev, Acting Director of the executive office of RAC

This period  for the Congress was successful, rich and even can be called a watershed in the  reconsideration of the goals and challenges facing our Congress and the Diaspora in a rapidly changing world. The main purpose of the Congress in this period was the formation of a strong, viable community in Russia, strengthening its role and socio-political significance in Russian society, and the preservation of national traditions and culture. 


RAC today is one of well-known public organizations of Russia, which has been recognized as the main organization representing the interests of the Azerbaijani diaspora in all spheres of activity. Created at the initiative of national leader Heydar Aliyev, our organization consistently followed the idea of the unification of Azerbaijanis and protecting their interests as well as strengthening the friendly relations between our countries. In this respect, it is difficult to overestimate the political importance of the fact that, after the tCongress faced the task of ensuring the participation of our citizens and our compatriots in the two most important political events in the history of Russia - elections to the State Duma and presidential elections. Congress declared its full support for the election of "United Russia" and Vladimir Putin. Was worked closely with the regions, with the election headquarters in the center and in the field. In the regions and in Moscow were established headquarters through which we exchaned  information  on  the election. Our local representatives have participated in various activities in support of the party "United Russia" and Vladimir Putin. Round table discussions, conferences, and meetings with voters, concert programs. I think we coped well with the task of involving our compatriots in these very important processes in the history of Russia. Azerbaijani voters said its weighty word in support of the existing course in Russia. 


Last year, Congress has organized a series of events dedicated to the various important dates, both cheerful and tragic, that must live in the memory of our people, no matter where we are. First, the regional offices  organized commemoration meetings and round tables on "Black January". We held a large-scale memorial evening, which was organized by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. Congress has established an award named after Heydar Aliyev, which is awarded annually to prominent public and political figures, scientists and artists of Russia, who contributed to the development of friendly and neighborly relations between Russia and Azerbaijan. The propaganda of Azerbaijani history, culture, literature abroad is also the focus of our organization, and in this area there have been many events. I would especially like to note that this year, for the first time in the history of the Diaspora in Russia, we had agreed with the City of Moscow to rally in support of the national policy of Russian President Putin against inciting ethnic hatred in Russia, which was attended by over 300 of our fellow citizens and representatives of the Azerbaijani and Russian media.


Mamed Aliyev, President of RAC

As for the simplification of visting Azerbaijnan for Russian citizens on Azerbaijani origin traveling on business trips, on vacation in Azerbaijan ... On this issue, I would like to announce that a bill has been prepared, which would allow them to stay in Azerbaijan for 90 days without registration. Also RAC appeal to the leadership of Azerbaijan  to grant certain groups of the population - I mean the poor people-  preferential tickets during the holidays and summer vacations.


Aida Kuliyeva, director of the Moscow school No. 157 with Azerbaijani ethno-cultural component

On September 1, the education law will be put in action. The education law states clearly that everything about school related to the study of ethnic language and culture, is not forbidden. This is stated by the President of Russia, and of course, we must take advantage of this. Unfortunately, the school network is not expanding, the possibilities are narrowed and yet we all know that the foundation of any diaspora is in its children. This is the foundation. If the community has no foundation then the house would collapse, so we need to strengthen it. Need to strengthen means not only the one-time actions, it means assisting teaching staff, expanding the network of Sunday schools. People should not lose their roots. Roots are in culture and tradition. Culture is not only about dances and performances that are called cultural events. The most important cultural event is education. It is the acquisition of knowledge and spiritual principles, the ability not to lose their traditions. 


The other question is our woman in the society. Who will raise our children? A woman. A woman who does not know Russian, who often does not go out because she does not know how to go out, she is afraid of being stopped, she does not have permission to work because she does not know the language. If RAC pays attention to women's organizations and not only organize holidays but engage in real actions, I have voiced my ideas. This requires space, legal assistance, social and medical assistance to make these women slowly integrate and provide work for those who do not have a profession, and to give the opportunity to work for those who have. Changing the image of a woman in the society, we will get an educated generation that will come after us in Russia and Azerbaijan will benefit from it.



Vestnik Kavkaza

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