Coaches pleased with European Rhythmic Gymnastics Champiomnships in Baku

Coaches pleased with European Rhythmic Gymnastics Champiomnships in Baku


Vestnik Kavkaza discussed the European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships held in Baku with the coaches of the Cypriot, Georgian and Spanish national teams.


Coach of the Cypriot team Daniella Georgieva noted that the organizers of the event did a great job. "Everything is well done, I liked everything," the coach said. Her approach is shared by the Georgian coach. "I like it very much. They did a great job. We are fascinated. Of course, Mariana Vasileva did a great job in Baku. The Spanish team's coach Anna Baranova is also pleased with the organization of the event and the attitude to each team. "I like everything here, there's a lot of space, people are very nice and caring," she said. "They ask us all the time how we are feeling, ask if we need something. I think this is very important. I guess each team feels amazing here."


Anna Baranova said that Baku had changed a lot in the last several years. "We have known Baku for many years, several European championships have been held here, but I believe now the city is changing, becoming more beautiful. Even people who used to live here say the city has changed a lot. They cannot even recognize it. Everything has changed for the better," she said. Inga Kikvadze is also pleased with the sporting event.  "This is the sixth time we have been in Baku, we have been friends for 15 years and we are amazed. The city and the sports facilities - everything is great. We are very pleased," she said, while Daniella Georgieva noted that "everything is splendid, everything is organized at a very high level."


Inga Kikvaidze noted that the achievements of the Azerbaijani team were the results of really hard work. "They performed really great, they were well-prepared. Of course it was the result of hard work. Work, work and work again," she said. Daniella Georgieva agreed that the performance was great. "I liked the junior athletes, I didn't see much in the group competition, but I liked it as well," she said.


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