Ingushetia opens to the world

Ingushetia opens to the world


Author:  Pavel Tsoroev , Nazran, exclusively to VK

The tourist season started in Ingushetia. At the Festival "The country of towers and legends" the Republican Committee of Tourism presented Ingushetia, the country of tourism. Young people danced lezginka and performed acrobatics. At the lower station of the ski resort "Armkhi" a symbolic stone zero point sign was installed, to mark the starting point of hiking trails. Guests used the cable car, rode, cycled, drove quad bikes, went hiking and on excursions, listened to lectures on the history and culture of medieval Ingushetia.

"I came to Ingushetia for the first time”, Vladimir Kuchiev, the veteran of mountaineering and climbing from Nalchik said. “Friends talked a lot about this region. I could not believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. I am impressed by everything that has been done in the tourism sector in such a short time. The main thing is that the landscape is not ruined. The Caucasus is small, and it is important to preserve its beauty. Historical and architectural monuments of Ingushetia are unique. We made the ascent to the Table Mountain, the peak offers spectacular views. It is an absolutely safe and doable in terms of mass tourism route, which can bring many positive emotions. Now I know what to try to persuade people, how to explain why they should come to Ingushetia. "

"I have been to Baikal last year. In visited many places. But I had no idea, there is a unique place nearby,” says Natalya Dostavavleva, a theater artist. “I like everything here. Nature, although similar to the Elbrus region, is very distinctive. You get the feeling of the presence of something unknown, distant. Many castles reinforce this feeling. Next time my friends and I will form a group to explore mountain Ingushetia."

"There are opportunities for the development of mountaineering in Ingushetia,” says the vice-president of the Federation of mountaineering, rock climbing, and sport tourism of Kabardino-Balkaria, Boris Gumaev. “There is a route up to the Table Mountain without any technical difficulties, there are peaks of the third and fourth categories of difficulty. I would like to come to Ingushetia again with colleagues and make several climbs. I see that a lot had been invested in the tourist infrastructure. Horse riding, cycling are promising spheres. On the basis of "Armkhi" it is possible to make the base camp. We will be happy to share our experience. By the way, each year Kabardino-Balkaria hosts competitions between professional drivers and traffic police personnel. This tradition was started by the famous USSR racing champion Alexei Berberoshvili. These events attract interest and gather a lot of spectators."

"We have a long and good history of cooperation with the Tourism Committee of Ingushetia,” says the member of the Russian Geographical Society, Tengiz Mokaev. “We have included travel in mountainous Ingushetia in our tour schedule and expect a significant increase in the flow of tourists. In the near future we plan to organize a cycling festival of the Southern District here. Also, we have a plan organize a jeep-drive from Tsori to the Argun gorge in the Chechen Republic. We want to try out a circular route. In general, we will increase the pace of tourism development together with our partners in Ingushetia."

"I was invited to Ingushetia by Tengiz Mokaev. It is very beautiful here: the mountains are high and majestic, not to mention the historical monuments,” says photographer Tomas Dvorak, who is currently shooting for the National Geographic magazine. “I think that my fellow citizens will be interested in visiting the mountains of Ingushetia. There is a problem with the visas, but in spite of this, the Germans, for example, come to Elbrus very actively. Foreign tourists are still afraid to visit these places due to the stereotypes they hold. For our part, we will try to dispel these myths."

"Our Committee receives individual as well as collective applications from those wishing to visit Ingushetia. These requests we forward to our travel agencies,” say the chairman of the Tourism Committee of Ingushetia, Batyr Malsagov. “The number of tourists is growing. For example, we have an application from China. Next groups of tourists are being formed as we speak."


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