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Termez becomes hub for Afghan aid

The city of Termez on Uzbekistan’s border with Afghanistan is turning into a staging post for supplies of humanitarian aid to the stricken country, where millions of people are in urgent need of assistance. Granting access to …

What’s Behind North Korea’s Extreme Vaccine Hesitancy?

On October 7, the World Health Organization said that it had resumed shipments of COVID-19 medical supplies to North Korea, for the first time since January 2020. At the same time, North Korea has yet to receive vaccines to fight the pandemic …

Azerbaijan plans for resettlement in Shusha

A new general plan for Shusha envisages the return initially of 2,020 residents – symbolizing the year that Azerbaijan rewon control over the city – living in new residences congruent with the city’s historic character. As …

How Europe copes with drug trafficing

While cocaine use is far less prevalent in emerging Europe than many other parts of the continent, a vast network of criminal organisations based in the Western Balkans is feeding the habit of Western Europe, the world’s second largest consumer of the expensive illicit drug cocaine, surpassed only by North America