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Time to challenge security challenges in Central Asia

It is a fact that due to its strategic geographical position, Central Asia has faced many serious security concerns in recent years. Indeed, with the recent political change in Afghanistan, Central Asia has been concerned about its border security

Uzbekistan opens doors to Israeli companies

Commercial companies specialize in searching for and identifying new markets. This was certainly the case when the United Arab Emirates market opened up to Israeli companies in the wake of the Abraham Accords

"Yerablur" is being concreted: scandal at the cemetery

On the last day of summer, the parents of the servicemen buried in the Yerablur military pantheon gathered in front of the Armenian government building, protesting against the dismantling of their sons' graves. They called it vandalism …

Sibur boosts petrochemical exports to Europe

Russian petrochemicals giant Sibur has recovered from the initial shock of the pandemic and is increasing its exports, mainly to Europe, thanks to surging demand for medical equipment, a senior executive told Reuters, Nasdaq informs. Sibur, the …

Facemasks pose serious threats to birds

Nature lovers have urged people to cut the straps of the facemasks in half before throwing them away because these straps can cause serious problems for both birds and animals. They stated that the people needed to rip the strings off their …

Remains of 9,000-Year-Old Beer Found in China

Archaeologists in southeastern China have discovered the residue of beer drunk 9,000 years ago. The vessels containing the ancient dregs were located near two human skeletons, suggesting that mourners may have consumed the brew in honor of …

Shusha welcomes former residents

After nearly three decades of Armenian occupation, Azerbaijan's city of Shusha – once known as the Pearl of Karabakh – is ready to welcome back its former residents as the traces of the destructive occupation are erased