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The forgotten history of Soviet-American vaccine diplomacy

Despite the deterioration in relations between the United States and Russia, there’s some hope that new forms of “vaccine diplomacy” may once again take hold. The June 2021 summit held in Geneva between President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin suggests the two countries are open to high-level dialogue

North-South Transport Corridor provides benefits for Bangladesh

The International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC) is a 7,200-km-long multi-mode transport project for moving freight among India, Iran, Afghanistan, Armenia, Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Oman, Syrian Arab Republic, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine

Israel and Azerbaijan step towards globalization

Last month, I became the first Israeli businessman to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Azerbaijan Investment Company, the sovereign investment arm of the Azeri government, on the historic occasion of the opening of the Azerbaijan Trade and Tourism Office in Tel Aviv

Turkey reinforces border to block any Afghan migrant wave

Afghans who manage to make the weeks-long journey through Iran on foot to the Turkish border face a three-metre high wall, ditches or barbed wire as Turkish authorities step up efforts to block any refugee influx into the country. As Reuters …

Turkey: Five Roman heritage sites you should know about

The region encompassing modern Turkey was ruled by the Romans for around 14 centuries, serving not only as a gateway into the Near East but also as the empire's administrative base after the reign of Emperor Constantine. As Middle East Eye …

Have any human societies ever lived underground?

It's not just an ancient phenomenon.  From ancient catacombs to modern subways, humans have always traveled underground for brief amounts of time. But have entire societies of people ever lived underground?

Iranians want but cannot get vaccinated

The slow pace of vaccinations is sparking anger in Iran, where outraged citizens have abandoned hope of the government providing the essential shots. As an act of defiance, Iranians are now refusing to wear masks and comply with quarantines