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Holy Fire reaches Moscow

At the Vnukovo airport, a special board landed with the Holy Fire from Jerusalem. The shrine from Israel was delivered by a delegation of the Andrew the First-Called Foundation. The Holy Fire will be transferred to the Cathedral of …

Anna Netrebko complains that artists are neglected

Opera singer Anna Netrebko wrote on Instagram about the limitations due to the coronavirus lockdown. "How did we get to this?!? Live art has been banned for many months?!?! Is this a joke?" Netrebko asks. The singer …

Sharon Stone, 62, reveals her main fear

Sharon Stone struggled with ageing in her 40s, Daily Mail reports. The 62-year-old actress admits there was a time a couple of decades ago where she really didn't 'accept' her body, but now she is older, she feels much more …

Declaration of love to deserted Baku

Baku is empty these days. Of course, this is temporary, but it’s hard to see a deserted city, full of life once. Perhaps all for good, as people began to realize things they had not valued before. Gunel Anargyzy, director of the Baku …

Caucasus mountains (photo report)

Today, many of us are stressed due to frightening news about pandemic and forced isolation. To relieve anxiety, psychologists advise using the visualization technique, creating pacifying pictures in your imagination. To help you to relieve …