Akif Alizadeh: ‘Azerbaijani scientists have got a second wind’

Akif Alizadeh: ‘Azerbaijani scientists have got a second wind’

Today, the 2nd six-day Azerbaijani Science Festival started in Baku. Vestnik Kavkaza spoke with the president of  the NASA, Akif Alizadeh, about what the visitors of the festival can expect, and the development of science in the republic .

- The festival is held in Azerbaijan for the second time. What is the importance of this event for the Republic?

- The first festival in 2014 was entitled ‘Baku Festival’, as we outlined it in the borders of the city of Baku. It was a first attempt to hold a festival of science in the country. It was a success then. About 15 thousand people attended the festival, among who there were more than 10 thousand of young people, and thus we achieved the main goal of the festival. As in Russia, where the initiator and chairman of the Science Festival is a Rector of the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Academician Viktor Antonovich Sadovnichy, the goal was to report to the public about what is being done in the NASA and what happens at the forefront of our science.

- What are the features of this year's program?

- Today’s festival has expanded its boundaries: we hold it in the five cities of the country: Baku, Nakhchivan, Ganja, Shaki and Sumgayit. The scale of the festival has grown, and we think that for the enthusiastic young people, curious people, who love science and want to do science, this festival will vividly tell about the scientific achievements of Azerbaijan. The initiator of the festival is the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Emergency Situations, SOCAR, the Academy of Police Sciences, and the Academy of Military Sciences facilitate and help in carrying out of the festival. Due to such a broad support, we will be able to demonstrate the whole spectrum of the scientific fields of Azerbaijan during these days. Plus, we raise a question that the Azerbaijani science, reaching the current level, should make serious money. This is the motto of the festival.

- Are there projects, that have already appeared on the world scene?

- There are elements of know-how, which are now in operation. We believe that they should serve as an innovation impetus, the signs of which can be seen today. The Azerbaijani scientists have got a second wind. Previously, they did not know what the innovations were, there was only the science and implementation, and today all those intermediate steps that make up the innovation process have become a reality in Azerbaijan. And it will help us to breathe the new life into the Azerbaijani science.

- Are the Azerbaijani scientists working together with the Russian scientists today?

- We are working with the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. A corresponding contract was signed, and currently the joint development projects are under formation. In general, we will work in the following format: the European projects, Russian Fond for the Fundamental Research and the Azerbaijani Foundation for the Development of Science.


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