Alim Gasimov: "Young people like the new rhythm and accelerated tempo of mugam"

Alim Gasimov: "Young people like the new rhythm and accelerated tempo of mugam"

Based on the verses of medieval poets of the East, the musical composition "The World Erected on Love" will be performed today by People's Artist of Azerbaijan Alim Gasimov at the House of Music in Moscow within the framework of the Chekhov International Theater Festival. Before the start of the performance, Vestnik Kavkaza talked with the world famous mugham performer.

- You once said that in order to understand and truly hear mugham, you need to enter a spiritual trance, akin to a prayer trance. How are you going to lead people to this trance today, into this prayer? Is it difficult?

- At every concert, I expect that first of all I should enter this state of trance myself, and if I succeed, then my listeners will be able to enter the same state.

- It is obvious that in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran, mugham is an integral part of the cultural context. Is there any special Russian perception of mugham compositions?

- If this music is reproduced properly, then wherever you represent it - in Japan or Azerbaijan - it will find a response and understanding. It all depends on the artist.

- Say a few words about your fellow mugham performers.

- There are many mugham performers in the world, there are many interesting groups from which we learn, whose works inspire us. At the same time, I hope that there are performers who can learn something for themselves in our work. The process of mutual exchange does not stop - we are all teachers and students for each other.

- Do you now have disciples who will continue your mugham tradition?

- There are, of course. For example, a wonderful performer of mugam works Fargan Hasanova. The main requirement for all students who want to become in the future khanende is to study with the old masters. At the same time, the author's view, a creative reading of the classics, is also important. So, I brought a different rhythm, an accelerated tempo to the works. This attracted many new listeners, including among young people.

- In Russia, in what cities do you still perform, besides Moscow?

- Our collective gives a lot of concerts every year, including in Russian cities, - not so long ago there was a big concert in St. Petersburg. And everywhere we meet with an invariably warm welcome. We are grateful to our listeners and are always glad to meet new people.