American expert in international relations on the future US policy

American expert in international relations on the future US policy

A sensational victory of a billionaire Donald Trump in the presidential election in the United States hasn’t defused the international situation, but increased a number of questions for the future US foreign policy with a person in the office, who has no links with the previous presidential administrations in Washington. Some of these questions were answered by an American expert in international relations, Peter Tase, in an interview with the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza.

-First of all, in your opinion, how did Donald Trump manage to win the support of the majority of the states, taking into account how aggressive the support of Hillary Clinton was by the media and government officials?

-Hillary Clinton lost her race for President of the United States for the following reasons: 1. Over time, Mrs. Clinton had manipulated the poll results that were determinant and appeared to be misleading; 2. Mrs. Clinton had engaged in various cases of corruption and conflict of interest when she was U. S. Secretary of State meanwhile her husband (President Bill Clinton) was running the Clinton Global Initiative, for the benefit of Her husbands organizations, Mrs. Clinton had exerted traffic of influence and engaged in soft corruption practice; 3. Mrs. Clinton had the support of main stream media in the United States however the landslide support for Mr. Donald Trump - from my countrymen - had made possible a historic victory for Mr. Trump.  I am proud to say that I have supported since the early days the candidacy of Mr. Trump to be the President of the United States and am one of the very few journalists who has predicted the victory of Mr. Donald Trump.  Another important reason why Mrs. Clinton lost in the presidential elections is the email scandal where she had bleached and deleted over 33 thousand emails that were confidential and work related emails that were send by her private email server. 

- In your estimation, how will the relations between Trump’s Washington and Russia develop?

There is no doubt that Washington will improve the bilateral relations with Russia we must remember that  the Russian government, last year, held $72 billion in U.S. treasuries and Russian government investments in the U.S. are increasing. Moscow is the 16th biggest holder of US debt, a few years ago it was the number one country debt holder for US. Russian companies are also engaged in joint ventures with US Companies and are buying some US Companies while increasing their profits substantially.  Russia is participating with heavy investments on the production of pipe for the oil industry.  

-How will Washington's policy towards the South Caucasus change?

-The implementation of US Foreign Policy in the Southern Caucasus Region is expected to change for the better, I am hopeful that the Nagorno-Karabakh protracted armed conflict will acquire a greater attention in the State Department and Mr. Trump is expected to appoint Newt Gingrich as the next Secretary of State, he was the Speaker of the US House of Representatives during the 1990s and a well experienced politician from the Republican Party.  It is true that Mr. Trump has investments in Azerbaijan, however his organization will be administered by his two sons and a daughter, at the same time there is no doubt that Mr. Trump will pay a special attention to the developments in Azerbaijan and above all towards finding a solution for the Nagorno-Karabakh Armed Conflict that has been succumbing and killing many innocent Azerbaijani lives for over two decades. We are all very hopeful that Mr. Trump will place a special priority to bring a solution to this armed conflict that is taking place in the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan and is orchestrated by the Armenian Government and its political elite.