Buba Kikabidze: ”Any possibility of conflict must be eliminated”

Buba Kikabidze: ”Any possibility of conflict must be eliminated”

A few days ago, extremists staged another provocation on the Georgian-Azerbaijani border, once again raising the issue of the Keshikchidag monastery complex (David Garej), which includes many historical, architectural and religious sites dispersed along 25 kilometers of the Georgian state border ridge, dividing it into two parts. The singer and actor, Vakhtang (Buba) Kikabidze, shared with Vestnik Kavkaza his opinion on the recent events on the Georgian-Azerbaijani border, where destructive forces are trying to provoke a real interstate conflict.

- Buba, what is your opinion on the Georgian-Azerbaijani relations in connection with the border monastic complex?

-I don’t even understand why this is happening. Probably, the politicians should explain the reasons, and I will express only my opinion. I think someone wants to split us!  I have such an impression. I personally could not imagine such a thing until recently. I'm sure some external force is involved. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, but it’s hard to imagine otherwise. Therefore, it is necessary for governments to reconsider their opinion on this issue and eliminate any possibility of conflict.

- What would you tell your Azerbaijani friends?

- The warmest words of greeting. I have many friends among Azerbaijanis. For example, Polad Bulbuloglu. He sometimes comes to Tbilisi, and we meet. I want to especially welcome him and tell all Azerbaijanis that I really love Azerbaijan, Azerbaijanis, I love Azerbaijani folk music, cuisine and everything related to this beautiful country. I sincerely wish Azerbaijanis happiness and peace!