Denis Zhuravsky: "Caucasus actively develops industrial parks"

Denis Zhuravsky: "Caucasus actively develops industrial parks"

Regions of the North Caucasus are actively creating industrial parks, Denis Zhuravsky, executive director of the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia, told Vestnik Kavkaza.

- Are there any technology parks, industrial parks in the North Caucasus?

- Of course! Right now they are being actively developed, new projects appear, we support many of them. Dagestan has been very active for many years - there are notable areas that already show results in the form of returned investments and production. So we're already seeing return of previously invested funds in the form of budget revenues and attracted investments. Chechnya, Ingushetia, Karachay-Cherkessia are currently working on new projects, so we also support them. They came to our association, and starting from next year we will discuss the creation of industrial parks there.

- What's the difference between technology park and industrial park?

- Industrial park is a platform for development of mass production, it's a huge industry. They're different because industrial park is designed for construction of factories or as a place for mass industrial production. Technology parks put emphasis on innovation, development and so on. There may also be production, but it's more like test production, somethings small, there are mostly laboratories and office space.

- What's the difference between greenfield and brownfield?

- It's a nominal differentiation that we use in our industry. Greenfield is a platform created from the scratch in an open field, when a land plot is being developed, infrastructure is being build, new buildings, new enterprises, and so on are being built there. And Brownfield is an industrial park created on the basis of pre-existing production.


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