Fabio Lepore: "I will sing while being accompanied by Azerbaijani musicians"

Fabio Lepore: "I will sing while being accompanied by Azerbaijani musicians"

On March 8, on the occasion of the International Women's Day, the world famous Italian musician and laureate of jazz festivals Fabio Lepora will perform a special program at the Rotunda Jazz Hall. A member of the Association of Singing Teachers sings in his native and English languages, using not only his own music in his performances, but also works of jazz and various other composers, created over the past decades. On the eve of his concert, Fabio Lepora answered questions of Vestnik Kavkaza.

- What kind of program did you prepare for your concert in Baku?

- It will be an hour and a half long concert of Italian music - a mix of jazz and traditional Italian motifs. Songs will be performed in Italian. I will also sing a few songs in English, and before I begin, I will try to say a few words in Azerbaijani. Musicians who will participate in the concert are from Baku.

- Do you know anything about Azerbaijani jazz?

- Just yesterday my collegues told me about him. I promised myself that during my next visit to Baku, I will prepare better and will know about Azerbaijani jazz.

- When will this happen?

- Maybe this summer, since Baku will host a concert on the occasion of release of my new composition with Gypsy Jazz Musicians. I'm also going to visit Baku next month for new Salvatore Russo Gypsy Trio project. Salvatore and his trio are guitar virtuosos. They produce fantastic music. I'm help them with my singing. In addition, I plan to visit Baku in October and participate in the Baku Jazz Festival.

- What surprised you in Baku the most?

- I saw a modern city that is still true to its tradition. This is what I like the most in places outside of Italy. I like traditional culture as well as modern cities. I really liked Baku and Azerbaijani cuisine.

- Did you know that Baku and Naples are sister cities?

- Very good! Then on Friday I will sing another Neapolitan song. I would like to invite more people, I will be happy to see everyone on Friday. I want to get to know Azerbaijani audience better.


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