Lala Mammadova: "Design profession in demand in Azerbaijan"

Lala Mammadova: "Design profession in demand in Azerbaijan"

An International Education Exhibition was held in Baku, which demonstrated Azerbaijan's potential and competitiveness in the global education system. One of the examples of the republic’s successful activity in this area is considered to be Azerbaijan State Economic University UNEC, which competes with prestigious world universities in terms of training specialists in economics. At the UNEC exhibition, in addition to economic areas, the technology and design department's capabilities were presented. The head of the department 'Design', PhD in Art Lala Mammadova told Vestnik Kavkaza about UNEC's competition with specialized educational institutions and this specialty's place in the general segment among economists.

- How much are design courses in demand at UNEC today?

- Last year, 75 people graduated with our specialty, this year - the same number. There are a lot of people who want to study. Applicants pass special drawing and composition or mechanical drawing exams.

- Do your graduates easily find job in their degree field?

- Their specialty is a light industry designer. Some of our students work in large companies like Gilan Holding, others in modelling agencies or furniture factories, which Baku has a lot now. They are in demand as soft furniture specialists - they realize their potential in choice of materials, design.

- UNEC positions itself as the alma mater of economists. What role do specialists in your field play in the economy now?

- A design profession is in demand in all areas. This is not just clothes, but also interiors and much more. UNEC has been training designers since 1994, and now our specialists are in demand in the labor market.

- Your stand is one of the brightest at the exhibition. Does it attract many people?

- Yes, many are interested. Future applicants and their parents come to us, ask questions to decide where to study: at the Academy of Arts, at the University of the Arts or here.

- What opportunities attract applicants to UNEC?

- First, regardless of whether it's a fee-paying student or not, he entitled to a scholarship. To do this, during the semester, he must get the highest scores on exams. Second, we issue a double diploma: a student has the right to study at a foreign university with which we have an agreement after completing the second year. Last year, my students studied in the Baltic States within the Erasmus exchange program. There is also a Mevlane exchange program within which students study at Turkish universities.

- There are a lot of girls at your stand. Does it mean that the designer is an occupation for women?

- No. We have a lot of boys as well. It's because we chose girls for the exhibition.


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