Lisa Worthmann: "AGF organizes sports events at very high level"

Lisa Worthmann: "AGF organizes sports events at very high level"

Baku hosted the Congress of the International Gymnastics Federation. On the sidelines of this event the Director General of the European Union of Gymnastics Lisa Worthmann told Vestnik Kavkaza about UEG contacts with the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation.

- Last December, AGF Secretary General Farid Gayibov was elected as the president of UEG. How do you assess his work over the past year?

- I think his first year in office went very well. He knew what he was doing from the very beginning. Farid is not a newcomer to gymnastics, and from his first day he has started to work with innovative projects. According to the results of the past months, it is evident that he has made a great start, there have been a number of ideas from him about the further development of the union, some of them have already been implemented, and others we will realize in the future.

- How do you assess Azerbaijan's role in the development of gymnastics?

- In terms of holding events, Azerbaijan is a very important partner, because it organizes sports events at a very high level. We always follow events in Azerbaijan, study how they are organized, and learn from AGF to use this experience for future projects.

- Will UEG hold its events in Baku next year?

- Yes, we will hold two meetings on the eve of two European Championships, which will be held in Baku next year - the Rhythmic and Aerobics European Championships.

- What are the European Union's main goals for the next year and beyond?

- First of all, we will prepare the already planned activities and develop new ones - this is the main task for UEG. We have a lot of ideas about the development of gymnastics in Europe, we constantly discuss them and work to turn them into concrete action. We also consider supporting European national federations. We have already started a development program with the participation of foreign partners and intend to continue its further implementation.


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