Mariana Vasileva: "I'm satisfied with how Azerbaijani gymnasts performed at World Cup in Baku"

Mariana Vasileva: "I'm satisfied with how Azerbaijani gymnasts performed at World Cup in Baku"

Qualifying competitions of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup ended in Baku yesterday, and leaders of the all-around competition were determined. Head coach of the Azerbaijani national team in rhythmic gymnastics Mariana Vasileva discussed results of the first two days of the tournament in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza.

- What do you think about performances of Zohra Agamirova and Veronika Hudis?

- I'm realy satisfied with their performances. Veronika participated in such big competitions at home for the first time, because she is this year's debutant after the junior program. She performed at the international tournament for the first time in Riga, at that time she got into the finals in hoop competitions, we were very happy. Now she got even bigger score and it makes me very happy, especially since experts like Veronika. And Zohra is a real fighter. She has an exceptionally complex program, and she performed very well. Both girls are young, promising. I think the most important thing for them is to keep up and continue raising the bar. I really want new generation, these girls, group team, as well as junior individual and group teams to continue performing and end their careers beautifully so that we could work with them even after that.

- What about team competitions?

- I'm also satisfied with them. Of course, there were some minor mistakes, for some reason it's very difficult for them to perform at home. They make almost no mistakes at major competitions in other countries. Last year they showed excellent performances everywhere, including the World Championships in Pesaro, but at home they have difficulties. However, yesterday they only had to get to the finals, and they managed to achieve that.

- Which competitions will your team participate in next?

- In two days we will fly to Guadalajara for the World Cup, in which Zohra and Veronika will participate, as well as the group team. Then Daria Sorokina will join them, and four of our juniors will participate in junior program.

- As usual, you were the director of the opening ceremony. What inspired you?

- Opening ceremony was dedicated to four elements, and this idea, by the way is often used, we used it for the second time, but every time I find new inspiration from these elements. We're working on the opening ceremony with our team, we don't invite anyone from outside. Our team once again invited mascot Gur Gur to attract more spectators, because we want for people of Azerbaijan to understand gymnastics. Our president and vice president do a lot for the sport, and we have to tell about this sport to everyone. Only sport and art can save our children.


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