Mark Ifraimov: "People in the Palestinian Authority are encouraged to follow the path of terror"

Mark Ifraimov: "People in the Palestinian Authority are encouraged to follow the path of terror"

15 Israeli IDF soldiers were injured while driving a car in the center of Jerusalem, not far from the former train station, and now the First Station entertainment center. The car was used as a ram, the driver hid from the scene. The attack is being investigated as a terrorist attack. According to Arab media, a Palestinian Hamas group said the car hit in response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s plan for the Middle East. The Knesset deputy, member of the Our Home Israel party, Mark Ifraimov, answers questions from the Vestnik Kavkaza about the incident.

- What could have caused the attack on the IDF? Who can be held responsible for the attack?

- What is happening today in the Gaza Strip, as well as in the territory of Judea and Samaria, is caused by the incitement of people to such actions. I can’t connect this with either religion or anything else.

To date, all Palestinian Authority television has been misinformed. They are trying to show people that Israeli soldiers are harming them, that they are almost killing children. Obviously, there is no reason for such statements, but people who are denied access to objective information begin to believe in it. The Palestinian Authority is doing everything to keep people in the dark.

Corruption is raging inside the Palestinian Authority, people are getting poorer and people are deciding to do things that no normal person can do. This is especially noticeable in the Gaza Strip.

- How do you think the Palestinian-Israeli conflict should be resolved?

- Israel has initiated many projects, programs for the development of both the Palestinian Authority and the Gaza Strip. Many Palestinian Arabs and Arabs of the Gaza Strip worked in Israel. During the evenings of Israel, many factories were built on the border so that the Arabs had the opportunity to earn money. We in Israel believed that if they had a good salary, if they had the opportunity to improve their lives, then they would not need these suicides, these victims.

However, the Hamas terrorist organization destroyed all these plants, trying to stop any interaction with the Israeli side. Thus, they doom their own people to poverty, depriving them of the opportunity to become equal citizens.

This leads to the fact that the young generation is growing on misinformation, on propaganda. On the other hand, people have no work, and it is not clear how they survive in such conditions. The most radical are ready to sacrifice themselves for some unrealistic ideas.

The bulk of the attacks carried out by young people. It is fueled by the Palestinian Authority and terrorist organizations. For example, for families in which sons or daughters participated in terrorist attacks, the Palestinian Authority pays a monthly allowance, encouraging people to embark on the path of terror.

- And what about the current case in Jerusalem?

- I do not think that the terrorist who used the car to run over Israeli soldiers belonged to some kind of terrorist organization. I think this is one of those young people who are saturated with propaganda. Seeing the soldiers standing at the bus stop, he decided to fulfill the "high mission", the ideas of which he soaked in the Palestinian Authority.

It is very disappointing, there, to achieve their goals, they are trying to use a religion that teaches to value both their own life and the lives of other people. They are trying to change it in such a way as to influence the minds of young children.

To date, the Palestinian Authority is trying to light a fire of hatred in order to attract attention. We see that, according to the results of many studies, the rating of Abu Mazen (leader of the Palestinians, Mahmoud Abbas, ed.) Greatly falls in the Palestinian Authority, and thus he is trying to raise this rating.

- There were suggestions that the cause of today's terrorist attack in Jerusalem could be the "deal of the century" to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, proposed by US President Donald Trump ...

- Everyone understands that no one will accept this deal without mutual consent, and Abu Mazen himself understands this well. He is trying to use it to his advantage. But instead of holding back his people from unnecessary suicides that no religion welcomes, acting within a political framework, he is only busy raising his own status to become higher than the Hamas terrorist organization, which carries out terrorist attacks and shoots in our direction, receives a lot of subsidies.


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