Mikhail Sutyaginsky: "Dynamic of cooperation with Azerbaijan is the best among all CIS countries"

Mikhail Sutyaginsky: "Dynamic of cooperation with Azerbaijan is the best among all CIS countries"

The 10th Russian-Azerbaijani Interregional Forum, organized by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, is taking place in Moscow. The forum is attended by First Vice President of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva, Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, heads of economic departments of Russia and Azerbaijan Maxim Oreshkin and Mikail Jabbarov, Russian governors and heads of executive authorities of cities and regions of Azerbaijan, business representatives of both countries. Vestnik Kavkaza spoke to Chairman of the Board of Directors of the "Titan" Companies Group Mikhail Sutyaginsky on the sidelines of the forum.

- How is cooperation between your company and Azerbaijan is currently developing?

- This year, our group of companies celebrated its 30th anniversary, out of all those years we have been cooperating with Azerbaijan for over 20. We mostly work with enterprises that work in the field of petrochemicals. We import products and produce petrochemical products. Right now we ship our products in the form of lubricants - more than 30 items for various sectors of the national economy.

We're interested in developing relations in Azerbaijan, since we see great potential in them. We work in the field of polymer production, which, when processed into film products, can make it possible to maintain product quality for up to three months without losing initial performance. We have competencies in the development of the field of biotechnologies. Today, the environmental issue is becoming very urgent, and the areas that we're developing in the field of processing renewable raw materials, in the field of biotechnologies, allow us to radically improve situation in the field of ecology. Further cooperation with Azerbaijan will develop in this direction. Today we spoke about support measures that will be useful in order to further develop our relations.

- What support measures are currently planned?

- I'm talking about supporting not only suppliers and customers, but also about creation of joint ventures. This includes both financial support and opportunity to promote the market.

- What kind of joint ventures will you create?

- We're going to work with many organizations. And we would like to select conditions that would be beneficial both for Azerbaijan and our side. In order to achieve this, it's important to resolve issues of logistics, location, ratio of investments. There are things that we still have to work out.

- How interested are you in problems of today's forum?

- For me, this forum is very interesting. Here we can sign new contacts. We see that the leadership of Azerbaijan is interested in the development of our trade relations. We see that the dynamic of work with Azerbaijan is the best among all the CIS countries. We see the creation of joint ventures, which confirms mutual interest. Our 20 years of experience will be more useful today than ever so we can support the development of our relations.