Ragda Khanieva: I would not have achieved success without Ingushetia’s and the whole country’s support

Ragda Khanieva: I would not have achieved success without Ingushetia’s and the whole country’s support

A gala concert ‘Blues Without Borders’ of the 5th Moscow City Open Festival of Children and Youth Creativity will be held on October 30. Its future participant 16-year-old Ragda Hanieva took part in the contests ‘Voice. Children ‘, 'New Wave Children’ and ‘Winner. The Honored Artist of the Republic of Ingushetia told Vestnik Kavkaza about music and herself.

- If you have already become the People's Artist of Ingushetia by the age of 16, when did you start singing?

- Music came into my life unexpectedly, very spontaneously, and I am insufferably lucky because of this. It all started after a declamation. I read poems at contests. I have about 40 certificates and diplomas of the contests of readers in my collection. Somehow I decided to sing a song at another contest. This was my first military song - ”Paint Ballad’’ (Oscar Feltsman's song on Robert Rozhdestvensky's verses, written in 1972, was popular in the Soviet Union, performed by Muslim Magomayev). This is a beautiful ballad, which I performed at the contest. After that, I began to sing slowly. Mom tried to help me, she was teaching me, she took me to different extracurricular activities. I was studying ballet, drawing, dancing, but still I could not get music out of my head.

- How did you get to the project ‘Voice. Children’?

- I saw the advertisement on TV, immediately wanted to apply for the site, then to participate in the contest and go to the casting. At first, I was not sure, I was a little scared. But I was supported at home, they said, come on, go ahead, everything will be fine, do not even doubt. And I got to the project, where I moved forward far enough - luck smiled on me.

- Do you feel support from Ingushetia?

- Of course, the support from Ingushetia is enormous. I was supported by my people, my republic, the whole country. I had the warmest, most pleasant emotions. When I received so many pleasant comments, reviews, tears came to my eyes. There were so many sincere words that touched my soul. And to this day the republic is very supportive, and I reciprocate. Thanks for the support, without it nothing would have happened.

-What are your plans for the future?

- Release an album with author's songs. And then, maybe, a solo concert.

- Do you sing in Ingush?

- Yes, of course, I have a lot of songs in Ingush. I like to sing in my native language.


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