Ruslan Bayramov: "In 21st century whole world starts talking about new Baku"

Ruslan Bayramov: "In 21st century whole world starts talking about new Baku"

This weekend Russia is celebrating the National Unity Day. Massive national sports games, performances of folklore groups from all corners of Russia are organized in Moscow. However, there are also permanent sites that allow Russia's peoples to better know and understand each other. One of them is an ethnographic park on the border of the Kaluga and Moscow regions, where the cultures of the peoples of the world are represented. Park 'Ethnomir' is known as a cultural and educational center. On the eve of the Day of National Unity, the park's founder Ruslan Bayramov told Vestnik Kavkaza about the potential of the park, which unites countries and peoples.

- Where did the idea of Ethnomir come from?

- I am a child of two cultures - my father was Azerbaijani, and my mother - Russian. Since my childhood I have been fond of geography, philosophy and cultures from around the world. 15 years ago I spent the night in a yurt on Issyk-Kul. Then this yurt was brought to Moscow, a small log Russian cabin was placed next to it. And that's how I got the idea of the 'Dialogue of Cultures - United World' Foundation and 'Ethnomir'. The main idea of it was the city of peoples' friendship, ethnic dwellings of the peoples from around the world, unity and diversity. 'Ethnomir' is still being built. Our dream is to build it in such a way that the whole world was embodied in it, traditions and dwellings of all countries and peoples from around the world.

- Is the Caucasus represented in Ethnomir?

- We have a project of Azerbaijani ethnic yard. It's very beautiful, made by Azerbaijani architects. We work closely with both AYOR and the embassy. We really want the business and the cultural community to participate in the project. We already have the Maiden's Tower, a caravanserai and a Nizami monument. We would be glad if Azerbaijan was represented by public organizations, funds and business at these given 1200 meters of Ethnomir so it would be possible to hold exhibitions, show Azerbaijani cuisine and culture.\

- How far is it from Moscow?

- It's between Kaluga and Moscow, 100 kilometers from Moscow.

- Could you tell us how tourism is being developed in Azerbaijan?

- Very good. Two years ago I was at an international forum, where the president said a good phrase that every ethnic Azerbaijani should bring his family [to their historical homeland] at least once a year. I follow this "instruction" - our family visits Azerbaijan twice a year. But we have a house both in the mountains and in Baku, which has become one of cultural enters today. Not only Moscow citizens talk enthusiastically about Baku, but also Russians, and the whole world has started talking about modern Baku in the 21st century. In addition, the tourist infrastructure and hotels are being built in the regions. I definitely see a big future for Azerbaijan in the tourism industry.