Tatyana Alekseychik: "Volunteering is being responsible and positive"

Tatyana Alekseychik: "Volunteering is being responsible and positive"

The North-South Political Science Center has prepared a series of video interviews with volunteers who help citizens during the coronavirus pandemic. Today, almost all countries have created volunteer headquarters. Volunteers help people in distress and doctors who struggle every day to save human lives. Today's guest was Tatyana Alekseychik, General Director of the Volunteer Resource Development Center, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic.

- What is the role of volunteers during a pandemic?

- Volunteers help the government because young people are not at risk and can help older people who are self-isolating. In general, our headquarters volunteers are students from the medical college and the medical faculty of Kabardino-Balkarian State University. Volunteers from other organizations are also involved. After all, it was not in vain that the All-Russian action 'We are together' was launched. Thanks to this action, this website, you can see what kind of help people need.

- How many applications do you receive per day?

- 10-15 applications. Sometimes the applicant may ask to postpone the visit of volunteers to another day or another time. We call up a person to figure out the details: what is needed, where can we buy it, what kind of product is needed. Everything to the smallest detail.

- Are you equipped enough to help citizens?

- Yes. When the headquarters were just opened, there were difficulties with transport. But now motorists offer their help, leave their phone numbers, saying: "You can call any time, we will take you away and help." Executive authorities also help us. We work together.

- Does the volunteer movement in your region have any specifics?

- We have republican specialized volunteering areas. Each year, specialized areas are developed, there are the all-Russian "Victory Volunteers" social movement, the 'Medical Volunteers' social movement. There are inclusive, social, environmental types of volunteering, 'Silver Volunteers' and 'Volunteers in emergency situations'.

- How are volunteers recruited in your organization?

- If a schoolchild or student likes some specific area, then he takes certain courses. For example, if he wants to become an inclusive volunteer, then he needs to complete a course on how to communicate with disabled children. For the 'Volunteers in emergencies' direction, first, we select a number of volunteers, then we contact the Ministry of Emergency Situations, develop an action plan, a person must undergo training, and only then they may take part in our events.

- What skills do you consider the most significant for volunteers, especially during the current global epidemic situation?

- A volunteer should be responsible for his actions. He also should be sociable and have a positive attitude. If he doesn't, other volunteers will help. A volunteer must stay calm and avoid panic. A volunteer knows what's going on around them and can calmly give people the necessary information about what is happening.

- What advice would you give to residents of your region to ensure personal safety and the safety of others?

- Each citizen should be responsible, sympathetic to the situation. It is necessary to trust only official sources and avoid panic. Things will get better, we are together, we support each other.


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