Tatyana Lebedeva: “Patriotism means knowledge and respect of history”

Tatyana Lebedeva: “Patriotism means knowledge and respect of history”

A guest of Tribuna is Tatyana Lebedeva, a member of the Federation Council Committee for Social Policy, senator of the Volgograd Region, multiple champion of the world and Europe, Olympic athletics champion.

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-    The youth forum 'Altai. Points of growth' was held this summer. How do you assess it? What were the most interesting questions which were raised there?

-    I have some experience in youth forums. I was at Seliger for the first time last year, I was only there for one day, so I was not able to be present at the sites. I visit the common one, then I was just walking and seeing how it happens, how people live in tents. Of course, I remembered the summer camp, where my parents sent me every year, and it is an inexpressible spirit that unites, when you sit around the campfire, telling stories and singing songs. Maybe it does not seem modern, but actually there is something fascinating in it.

There were guys from more than 50 regions, from 23 countries. Each of them already has some business. And they share their emotions, impressions, how they succeed, what they had to overcome and what prospects, conflict and obstacles they see, which do not allow them to develop. And the fact that these guys are really creative struck me. And I like to be among young people, in their environment, because it is energy. You live with them, they charge you. Even if you think you already know everything, they give you food for thought. This gives you an opportunity to reflect.

We had a train to go from Omsk through Novosibirsk. The road was not the easiest. When we arrived, we just wanted to sleep, but they immediately invited us to climb the mountain with an excursion. When I got up and felt it, this was an indescribable beauty. Mountain green, perspective, distance, hills. And when they spoke about people like Shukshin, Herman Titov, Robert Rozhdestvensky being born there, I think that this is not a coincidence. They received the energy from the land. 

People are completely relaxed about pressing problems, about world politics there. They have their own place, family, work and they are happy. They are happy about sunrise, they are happy that they live and that they are healthy. These are the basic things that we have forgotten how to feel and understand. 

This is a place where you can spend your vacation and be charged with really good, positive energy.

-    How to attract our Russian tourists to domestic tourism?

-    First of all, of course, it is advertising. TV shows Turkey and Europe, then why not give social advertising to regions, because it's hard for them. Recently we have had the days of the Ingush Republic in the Federation Council. They have mountains, interesting architecture, but people stay there for a day, two days only. We need to discuss inter-regional, inter-republican cooperation, to make it as a closed circle, like let's say the Golden Ring – Mineralnye Vody, Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria…

For that cause, every region is preparing programs. There is a good federal purpose program on tourism development of the Culture Ministry and the Federal Tourism Agency. And each cluster contributes 5-10% to the regional budget, 20% is the federal and non-budget sources, some investors. Of course, an investor needs to be hooked somehow, but that requires assistance, to understand that he invests will pay off.

There is a problem of transport access. There is need to at least organize accessibility, so that Russian tourists could reach places, even from the nearest regions. Not to mention foreigners. A tourist is spoiled today. He needs reception starting from the plane, a good hotel, food and to have everything shown. If there are any flaws, a bad impression stays and the word of mouth is there. There are never small details. When you feel hospitality in a foreign country, you ask about some moments, pay attention, someone even offended you, the impression is bad. And vice versa, if you get immediate help, those are details, trivial matters, they will give a pleasant impression. And the country associates with those positive moments.

- Let us talk about the region you represent, the Volgograd Region. What steps in developing the youth policy do you make?

- The Olympic champion Yeleva Slesarenko heads the Youth Policy Committee. When she was offered a proposal, and she said that she was unaware what Zarnitsa was. The younger generation missed the game. Now, she can teach anyone engaged in youth policy a thing or two, because it is an athlete's stem when you are trusted, you need to maintain your reputation and work hard. All our young people are her children, and she lives with them, she lets it flow through her, she is excited.

There were, of course, many events dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of Victory: different rallies, a memorial, the Day of Memory and Mourning on Mamayev Kurgan… I think there should be a difference between patriotism and ultra-patriotism. Petriotism means knowledge of history and respect of it. Respect starts with you, starts with parents, friends. And then, drawing from the home front, you can make your plans fearlessly, business, proving in sports. If every citizen understands it, we will all be patriots. We are manage to stay peaceful for time, but we know that if anyone raises a sword against us, we will all stand together and protect our land.

We are trying via events, when children meet veterans, unfortunately, there are not many of them, but we try to organize letters to veterans too, everyone writes. Not sitting with iPhones, typing or reading, because we, unfortunately, have forgot how to write, make letters, so that they would feel their ideas, thoughts, worries.

Everyone wrote to our veterans in such triangles and sent via Russian Post collectively, we had such project. 

We will have the 75th anniversary of the Battle for Stalingrad in 2017. Volunteers are the starting point, they help you get by. 

Camp shifts are underway in Artek, Orlyonok. They try to keep an active civil position. We have such active youth and it is quick on its toes.

-    Now the experiment on the GTO standards is being carried out in some regions, but after some time it will become obligatory for all regions. How do you think it is worth introducing these standards for all categories of citizens, or maybe it is better for the youth only?

-    No, it is obligatory for all. From 6 to 70 years, and even older if it is necessary, if health is good. So if you feel good, you can continue to lead a healthy lifestyle of life. I was an athlete, and a year or two has passed since I finished my sporting career, but in fact, if you do not keep your shape, you will lose it quickly. 

-    Are you keeping your shape?

-    I am trying. I train two times a week: on Saturday and Sunday. I have a cross, and some strength training in order to keep myself in good shape. Certainly, I am trying, but I train so often as I would like It is summer now, so I always run in the evening.

12 regions were included in the experimental project of the GTO last year. This year, another 40 regions have joined. Since 2016, this program can officially come into force. Despite the fact that those cities which do not participate in the experimental project carry it out on the basis of DOSAAF, including universities, student groups, who join and carry the GTO standards. It is clear that schools and universities are easier to be organized, because they are always under supervision. 

And the main problem is middle-aged people, who do not work for large enterprises, which tend to have gyms, or a colleague, who could organize it, but just small and medium business, where people are on their own. The matter is that if a person has never gone in for sports, it would be hard to meet the GTO standards. If someone does not run for about 3-4 years and then suddenly runs 100 meters, he can tear a muscle. It is necessary to prepare, and periodically train your muscles.

However, it is not clear who will receive the GTO standards, and where these centers will be situated. For example, we want to provide an extra 10 days of leave a year to those who have a gold badge of GTO, as they are sick very rarely and lead healthy lifestyles. Or, for example, add extra points for the exam. But there should be no corrupt components.

- As we understand, that will be a great temptation.

- If those points will be added to the exam results, or to additional leave, in this case the situation will be changed. Special centers will be created in order to receive the golden badge. But if you live about 400 km from the nearest city, it will be difficult for you. 

The idea is not new, everything new is actually well-forgotten old. We are reviving it now. The older generation (over 60 years old) remembers it very well. Social organizations, which consist of older people, are ready to cooperate. They say: "We do everything ourselves." In this case, they can be envied, as they have good organizational skills. Therefore, it is easier to work with them. The middle-aged group is much more difficult to organize.

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