Viktor Sadovnichy: "We have a barrier-free cooperation with Azerbaijan"

Viktor Sadovnichy: "We have a barrier-free cooperation with Azerbaijan"

The rector of the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Viktor Sadovnichy, told to Vestnik Kavkaza about humanitarian cooperation between the higher educational institution and Azerbaijan. According to the academician, the physics department will be opened soon in the Baku branch of the Moscow State University.

- The Azerbaijani leadership has given a new impetus. It is sufficient to say that the MSU branch created in Baku is one of the strongest branches of the Moscow State University, where a scientific elite of Azerbaijan is learning, and the departments, which are there, meet the basic scientific directions. Recently the republic's leadership has applied to us to create another faculty, the physics department. Nowadays it is very commendable, because economics, law are more preferable now, and this is physics. And we are rapidly creating the new department, and the classes there will begin in September.

- What are the other directions of the cooperation with Azerbaijan?

- Of course, we are not limited by this cooperation. We participate in almost all meetings, including the humanitarian cooperation. Baku hosts wonderful forums, I participated in some. And in response the Azerbaijani scientists come to us to our scientific conferences, forums. I want to thank Maharramov, the rector of the Baku State University and Nargiz Aliyeva, who is the director of the branch of the Moscow State University, and others for their active collaboration and for that we have the absolutely barrier-free relations and cooperation.


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