Vladimir Grammatikov: "Children's movies industry is in a deep crisis"

Vladimir Grammatikov: "Children's movies industry is in a deep crisis"

The fact that children's movies industry in Russia is in a deep crisis has been repeatedly said for many years. Some say that this happens due to lack of funding, others blame lack of directors and screenwriters specializing in this particular industry, and some people blame ideological crisis. Disney company launched continuation of the social-cultural project "Happiness is ..." in Russia. The goal of this is to help young Russian filmmakers to make movies for the big screen. One of the initiators of this project, director of the famous Soviet children's films "Mustached Nanny", "A Dog Was Walking on the Piano", "Mio, My Mio", Vladimir Grammatiko, dicussed modern family and children's movies in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza.

- Why is this project so important?

- We help young Russian filmmakers, gather the budget and say: "Here's the money, shoot your movie!" Things like that happen rarely. In addition, young people come together to implement the project - this is very important and very interesting. Open competition was held, in which young people from different cities participated. We also held actor's contest, during which everyone could send their videos, demonstrating why they should be chosen.

- Are there any directors from the Caucasus?

- Of course. There was one man. Six girls and one man won our contest. This is a trend - women are now stronger.

- Writer Sergey Lukyanenko is part of the jury. Are there fantasy stories among "Happiness is ..." short stories' series?

- No. That's not why we called him. Sergey is an amazing person. His great, it's so interesting to talk to him. He is polyphonic, he has so many different projects, different knowledge, he has tremendous experience.

- Which movie did you like the most?

- "Dear". Actors performed beautifully. And it's also such a human story, and it's very well done.

- Could one of the short stories become a huge full-length film?

- It's possible. By the way, "Dear" can easily be turned into full-length movie. This is not a story about abandoned people, it's about those who have found parents.

- What do you think about current situation with children's films?

- This industry is in a deep crisis. Directors can't make serious fiction, powerful tale or historical film that teenagers really want to see. Those who get money don't even think about this.

In addition, there are marketing costs. Children's television can't show commercials. As a result, there is no children's broadcasting on federal channels. However, I sometimes think that maybe it's not necessary to return to it. Imagine children's shows on NTV?! I have a hard time to imagine that. We must understand today's realities.

Of course, we also have to deal with the Internet. We need some kind of regulation there, since it’s not very good to count on people's conscience and decency.

- Are any of your projects involve countries of the South Caucasus region?

- Maybe in the future. I wouldn't rule out possibility of cooperation. I think that this time will come soon, because it's a reasonable idea.


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