Vladimir Lukin: ‘’Only the weak are swayed by sentiment’’

Vladimir Lukin: ‘’Only the weak are swayed by sentiment’’

Today and tomorrow the Russian Paralympic Committee (RCC) will submit a lawsuit against the suspension of the Russian team's participation in the Paralympic Games 2016. The appeal will be made, most likely, to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The 2016 Summer Paralympic Games will be held on September 7-18th 2016 in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. 526 sets of medals will be played in 22 sports. However, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) dismissed the Russian team on the basis of the report of the independent commission of WADA under the supervision of Richard McLaren about doping fraud in Russian sport. In particular, it refers to the disappearance of samples of the Russian Paralympians. The head of the RPC, Vladimir Lukin, commented on the situation surrounding the Paralympic team of Russia

"Quite suddenly on July 22nd we received a letter from the International Paralympic Committee about the process of the suspension of the membership of the Russian Paralympic Committee in the International Committee. The motive of the suspension, it was stated, is that in the report of the independent investigator WADA under the supervision of Mr McLaren, published before, there were given facts, data, ideas and assumptions about the presence of serious doping violations in Russian sport. In general, these accusations were addressed to our Olympic movement and the Olympic structures.

The International Paralympic Committee was not mentioned in McLaren's report, but it contained a table, from which it was clear that Mr McLaren believes that 35 Paralympic athletes passed the tests for doping, but these analyses mysteriously disappeared or were replaced by some others with another label. The analyses were positive. Subsequently, this figure changed repeatedly in both directions. I was, frankly speaking, confused about what figure we are talking about. It was found that in 28 Paralympic sports (winter and summer) for almost four years, 35 or 20 doping samples of athletes were positive, but they had disappeared, and the names are not given.

On this basis, the International Paralympic Committee decided to start the procedure of suspending our membership, that actually meant a ban on the participation of our Paralympic athletes in the Summer Paralympic Games, starting in early September.

This means in fact that the team, which has been formed for many years, which includes about 270 people, was forbidden to do what it was doing all those years: training, its favorite work. The vast majority of athletes, who have been denied the participation in the Games, have absolutely clean samples and were tested repeatedly in different circumstances.

What to do in this situation? We will look for legal, judicial, if necessary, solutions to this problem. We need qualified arbitration. We do not want to quarrel, to indulge in emotion. Only the weak are swayed by sentiment. We continue to work. Our Paralympic team continues to prepare for the Games, and I think that any objective assessment of what has happened must lead to the investigation of real doping violations, this question of a particular investigation should not turn into some politically generalized incomprehensible substance. And most importantly, that the innocent athletes implement their legitimate human right to realize their potentials to participate in the Games, because otherwise it would be a gross violation of their human rights.’’

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