Ismail Agakishiyev: "It is not necessary to arrange a show is on a national basis"

Ismail Agakishiyev: "It is not necessary to arrange a show is on a national basis"


By Vestnik Kavkaza

Throughout the last week, news of the Matveyevskiy market in Moscow has almost surpassed by frequency the Cherkizovskiy market five years ago. July 27, a native of Dagestan Magomed Magomedov, a suspect in the rape of a minor, was detained there. Vestnik Kavkaza has asked the Russian expert in the Caucasus, president of the Union "Consulting Analyst-PR" Ismail Agakishiyev to comment on the next hype in the media threatening to once again lead to Caucasophobia.

- In your opinion, are today's media reports describing the incident at the Matveyevskiy market objective?

- What Magomedov has done is an atrocity and a brazen crime. But it is also a crime to judge by what happened at the market all the representatives of Dagestan and the Caucasus as a whole. There things like what Magomedov and Rasulov have done are evaluated and punished to the fullest extent of the law. And sometimes, if law enforcement does not have time to intervene in time, the punishment is even tougher. As they say, "according to the laws of the mountains." But most of the Dagestan people in Moscow and other cities live by the principles and values inherent to any normal person. Therefore, it is unacceptable to create an "enemy image" of non-Slavic Russians. I want to remind you that the Dagestan people are citizens of Russia.

- Meanwhile, at least in recent times, lawlessness committed by representatives of Dagestan outside of it do not leave the TV screens, the Internet and media pages. There was a fight at the Matveyevskiy market, and the beating of the deputy of the Liberal Democratic Party, and even the raping of a Cossack in Stavropol. Do you think it is objective, or there is some anti-Dagestan PR?

- I would not falsely accuse all the media in anti-Dagestan engagement. Just over a month ago, they excitedly told how the young resident of Makhachkala Marat Rakhmetov paid the cost of his own life and saved two drowning girls from Moscow. This is the nature of mass media: living at the expense of sensations. Only recently the media ceased talking about the sportsman Mirzoyev. Do you remember mentioning his name on radio and television? So what is the result? There was a lot of talk, and then the court understood everything. Rasul was released, and he began again to defend the honor of Russia in sports. Incidentally, it is worth recalling here: when it comes to sports victories of the Caucasians, all the media report with pride: "The Russians won the gold!" The nationality is not emphasized. But it is immediately recalled if the Caucasian has done something wrong ...

Most of the negativity coming from the representatives of Dagestan, if you look, has deep roots in this republic. And therein, until recently, as it is now known, the order was only on paper. Officials embezzled federal grants, and the population was left to itself. And people survived listening to their conscience. Magomedov traded at the Moscow market. These markets are well known: they have become one of the synonyms of corruption. It is not incidental that the president, evaluating the actions of the police at the Matveyevskiy market, made it clear that such incidents would not have been possible if the participants had not been united by the corrupt relationship. But back to Dagestan, it is worth emphasizing: the situation there began to change only after Vladimir Putin appointed Ramazan Abdulatipov. The forces that he soon disturbed are very serious. Their capital and corrupt ties were created for decades and will be put into operation in the struggle with the new leadership. They understand that when the republic is stable, uncontrolled plundering of money will not be possible, there will not be any gangs, which, as it turns out, were "feeding" from the hands of the corrupt. These forces can be stopped by nothing.

So Abdulatipov has an unenviable role! But he is one of those people who dedicated his life to strengthening and developing the Soviet Union and then Russia. He always held very responsible positions, beginning with the instructor of the Central Committee, to the minister, senator, ambassador. All of his work and life are proof of how he loves Russia – not only his native Dagestan but entire Russia. By the way, if you carefully follow the biography of immigrants from the Caucasus, who worked in senior positions, then you may find that they shared this trait. They have always been loyal to Russia, and could not imagine life without service to Russia.

- After the beating of a policeman by a market trader a "decriminalization" of markets and "hunting" for illegal immigrants was declared. One can speak of the preliminary results. How do you evaluate them?

- Of course, it is necessary to fight against illegal migration. But even in the case when it comes to visitors from abroad, whether from the former Soviet Union or any other country, the solution must not turn into a campaigning, should not be accompanied by harsh and degrading measures. What is the much-touted camp for illegals! Well, yes, there is such a practice in many countries, but we are in Russia: most of the year it is cold! The Russian may die in such terrible conditions, and there are the Vietnamese! Imagine this camp in the winter, if at least one migrant, God forbid, is frozen, the enemies of Russia will inflate it to the skies. Could it be better to leave more than a thousand illegal immigrants awaiting deportation at the same place they were found - in a heated stone building? Illegals themselves are just the tip of the iceberg. The roots of the problem lie much deeper. These illegal immigrants were hired by someone to work without the required documents. By the way, why do not we hear about the measures taken in relation to these employers? The buzz around the market affairs will cease, as it happened more than once, and the place of illegal immigrants will be occupied again. That is, indeed, they will be hired by someone breaking the law. But these offenders somewhere can be understood: they are capitalists, and therefore they should make every effort to reduce production costs. And cheap labor force is one such means. People are told that if there were no workers, then Russia would be idyllic. But if they are removed entirely: the prices will soar, and will our economy be competitive? Many economists believe that it will not be competitive.

- How do you assess the national policy of the federal government?

- President Putin has taken the right course. This course is that all the peoples living in Russia are equal, because they are all citizens of this country, regardless of their nationality, regardless of their eye shape.

In the Caucasus, in fact, there are many problems that are used by dishonest forces – these are youth unemployment and significant isolation of the region from the center. All this leads to a hotter environment - terrorist attacks, clashes. We should stop this. The country should be stable, as it was during the years of the Soviet Union. A person must walk through the city day and night, no matter where it is located, in Moscow or Makhachkala. Across the country, security has to be at a decent level so that any resident of our vast country would not be afraid for his family and children. I am sure that President Putin and his team members, those who sent to Dagestan, Ingushetia and Chechnya, can restore order. Much has already been done, particularly in Chechnya and Ingushetia. This is an example that the stability and peace can be achieved in any region of the country.


Vestnik Kavkaza

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