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Turkey poised for reset in relations with Israel

Relations between Israel and Turkey could be on the verge of a breakthrough, with a Turkish presidential adviser confirming bilateral talks and that full diplomatic relations could be restored by March. Relations between the once close allies all but collapsed with Turkey withdrawing its ambassador in 2017, amid escalating tensions

Netanyahu, Rivlin to vaccinate first in public events

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will receive a coronavirus vaccination on Saturday night and President Reuven Rivlin will be inoculated on Sunday morning, the two men said Wednesday.“On Friday I will get out of [isolation] and on Saturday …

Why Jews and Azerbaijanis understand each other well

The Israeli people are true friends of Azerbaijan. The Jews shared joy and sorrow with the Azerbaijanis, they were there both on holidays and on difficult days. Israel provided Azerbaijan with the most modern weapons, was and remains one of …

Israel strikes Hamas targets in Gaza

Israel says its military struck Hamas targets in Gaza in response to a rocket attack launched from the Palestinian enclave, The Guardian reports. The Israeli air force struck two rocket ammunition manufacturing sites, a military …

Israel’s Netanyahu congratulates Biden on US election win

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday congratulated US President-elect Joe Biden after his election win saying he looked forward to working together with the new administration and strengthening the two countries’ alliance, …

It’s Biden vs. Trump in the rest of the world, too

For the last 70 years, the United States has sought to shape events in much of the world. We reward countries we favor with aid and other largesse. Those we dislike are isolated, sanctioned, and sometimes made to suffer, Boston Globe writes in the article It’s Biden vs. Trump in the rest of the world, too

Knesset approves Israel-UAE deal

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for peace with Lebanon at Thursday’s Knesset vote to ratify the normalization deal with the United Arab Emirates that was initially signed in Washington last month and lawmakers voted 80 to …

Israel provides Azerbaijan with Harpy loitering munition

Israel sent Azerbaijan anti-S-300 systems to test weapons in real combat. According to an Israeli source, an Israeli plane delivered to Azerbaijan mobile complexes Harpy, capable of fighting against Russian air defense systems. There is no …

Israel tightens coronavirus lockdown

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet decided to tighten the coronavirus lockdown. Israel went back into lockdown, its second during the pandemic, on Sept. 18. But over the past week, the number of daily new …