Kim Jong Un vows to bolster North Korea's nuclear power

Kim Jong Un vows to bolster North Korea's nuclear power

 North Korean leader Kim Jong Un vowed all-out efforts to bolster his country’s nuclear deterrent during a major ruling party meeting where he earlier laid out plans to work toward salvaging the broken economy.

"We must further strengthen the nuclear war deterrent while doing our best to build up the most powerful military strength," Kim said during his closing remarks at the congress, which were published by state media.

Kim said the country must "continue to give fresh spur" in making the military more elite and powerful so that it could cope with "any form of threat and emergency."

"The hostile forces will try to check our advance more frantically, and the world will watch how the political declaration and fighting program of our (party) are realized," The AP cited him as saying.

During the congress, Kim doubled down on his ambitions to expand the North’s nuclear capabilities and announced plans to develop more sophisticated military assets, including longer-range missiles that could potentially target the American homeland, new tactical nuclear weapons, nuclear-powered submarines, spy satellites and hypersonic weapons.


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