20-km Turkish wall on Iran border to prevent migrant wave built

20-km Turkish wall on Iran border to prevent migrant wave built

As Turkey's efforts to ensure border security against irregular migration and smuggling activities continue, the 20-kilometer (12-mile) section of the security wall in the Çaldıran district of the eastern province of Van, on the Iranian border, has been completed, Daily Sabah reports.

In Van, which has the longest border with Iran, the security forces are taking every precaution possible to prevent illegal crossings, smuggling activities and the infiltration of terrorists by constantly monitoring and patrolling the border with armored vehicles.

Irregular migrants who want to cross into Turkey through the border, which is kept under constant surveillance with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and optical towers, are apprehended and handed over to the Provincial Immigration Administration Removal Center.

The construction of the wall, which was initiated to prevent illegal crossings on the route extending from the Çaldıran border to the eastern Ağrı Doğubayazıt and southeastern Hakkari Yüksekova line, continues.

Van Governor Mehmet Emin Bilmez told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the construction of the border wall, digging trenches, razor wire drawing, and the new optical tower and the outpost continue without interruption.

Noting that the production of the stone blocks used in the wall has been completed, Bilmez said: "Since last year, 104 lego and mono-block towers have been built. The construction of two outposts is continuing. 175 kilometers of trenches have been dug. A 64-kilometer wall is being built in three stages. The installation of the 20-kilometer wall has now been completed. The stone used in the 34-kilometer wall has been produced. From now on, the assembly will continue at a faster pace."

Stating that the demining works have been also completed in parts where it was deemed necessary for safety, Bilmez said that the tender works for the remaining 230-kilometer border line are continuing.

Emphasizing that there are serious security measures at the border, Bilmez said: "The 6th Border Brigade operates at the border on a 24/7 basis. Some 750 Special Operations police were sent to them as reinforcements. These police officers support the border unit with 35 teams of 50 vehicles. Three reinforced, one normal commando squadron from the gendarmerie were also deployed to the region. At the same time, UAVs and drones have also been sent there along with thermal cameras. Some of the 58 surveillance and 104 optical towers built in the region have been commissioned. The thermal system of these towers is also being utilized."

Bilmez noted that with the measures taken at the border, the number of irregular immigrants entering the country decreased significantly and many organizers were caught.


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