36 MPs of UNM election bloc request suspension of status

36 MPs of UNM election bloc request suspension of status

Thirty-six MPs of Georgia's United National Movement-Strength in Unity election bloc have officially asked parliament to suspend their status. 

They claim that the elections were fabricated by the ruling Georgian Dream party and state that they will continue to fight from the street to force the government hold repeat elections, Agenda.ge reported.

The Georgian Central Election Commission annulled the party lists of five opposition parties earlier per their request yesterday, meaning candidates on the lists would not be able to replace opposition MPs who have officially refused to take up their mandates in parliament. 

The parties and election blocs which requested the annulment of their party lists on December 11 are the United National Movement-United opposition election bloc, European Georgia, Lelo, Strategy Agmashenebeli and Labour party. The remaining four parties are also expected to request the suspension of their mandates from parliament. 

The diplomatic corps is now mediating talks between the ruling party and the opposition to help the parties end the political crisis. 

The ruling party says that no repeat elections will take place as the elections were held ‘in line with democratic standards.’ They say that the recent recognition of the mistake by ISFED NGO in its parallel vote count data is yet further evidence that no fabrication took place.


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