44 days of Azerbaijan's Patriotic War: 19th day, October 15, 2020

44 days of Azerbaijan's Patriotic War: 19th day, October 15, 2020

Exactly a year ago, on September 27, 2020, Azerbaijan's Patriotic War began. On that day, Armenia's occupying forces subjected the positions of the armed forces of Azerbaijan along the front line and the adjacent populated areas in Azerbaijan to intensive fire with the use of large-calibre weapons, artillery and mortars. Baku decided to launch a counter-offensive operation to ensure the safety of the civilian population. Vestnik Kavkaza offers its readers to follow the events of the 44 days of Azerbaijan's Patriotic War as they were covered a year ago.

On the night of the nineteenth day of the war, October 15, Armenia's occupation forces tried to re-seize the lands liberated from them and shelled the front-line peaceful settlements of Azerbaijan, two local residents were injured in Birinji Baharli settlement of Aghdam region.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev told France 24 TV channel that Baku does not seek help from either mercenaries or Turkish army personnel. He also demanded that the OSCE Minsk Group be absolutely neutral in mediation work.

At about noon in Terter, Armenia's occupying forces were firing at Azerbaijani civilians at the Terter cemetery, four people were killed,. The artillery attack on the cemetery was condemned by the Turkish Foreign Ministry. At the same time, the Armenian Defense Ministry recognized the death of 604 invaders on the battlefield.

In the afternoon, Russian and European diplomats called for the observance of the October 10 ceasefire. The Kremlin, in turn, stressed that Russian peacekeepers could be deployed in Karabakh only with the consent of Azerbaijan, later Ilham Aliyev drew attention to this in an interview with NTV.

After 15:00, the fake news about the downed Su-25 of the Azerbaijani Air Force was denied: these aircraft were not used in battles. Later, fake news about the cruel treatment of prisoners of war were refuted.

In the evening, Yerevan's puppet regime restricted the movement of separatists and illegal settlers in the occupation zone. Almost at the same time, it was announced that six villages of the Jebrail, Fizuli and Khojavend regions were liberated from the occupation.

In an interview with Russia Today, Ilham Aliyev stressed that under no circumstances would Baku agree to violate the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, and told the Russians about the essence of the ongoing hostilities.

The internally displaced persons from the Khojavend region held a march in honor of the liberation of their native land from occupation. The U.S. State Department reiterated its opinion that the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia can only be resolved by peaceful negotiations.

At about 21:00, official information appeared about the preparation of terrorist acts by Armenia in the cities of Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Yerevan doesn't want any peace negotiations, as it continues to fire at non-military targets on Azerbaijani territory.

Thus, on the nineteenth day of the war, the liberation of the settlements of Khojavend, Fizuli and Jabrayil regions and preparations for the liberation of Fizuli continued. Armenia was shelling the Azerbaijani settlements.


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