AGF friendly welcomes gymnasts, Julia Ivanova says

AGF friendly welcomes gymnasts, Julia Ivanova says

The Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation friendly welcomes foreign gymnasts, Lithuanian gymnast Yulia Ivanova said in an interview with a Vestnik Kavkaza correspondent after her performance in qualifying exercises with clubs at the 37th World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Baku.

"I was very pleased to go to Baku because both the residents of Baku and especially the AGF staff are very friendly. Each major competition here is beautiful and impeccable in terms of organization. I am here for the second time, and my impressions of Baku are great, "she emphasized.

“The organization’s forethought begins with how we were met and accommodated in a wonderful, comfortable hotel. It’s comfortable to perform at the arena, it’s so beautiful, I like the pink color of arena this year,” Julia Ivanova said.

“There are also wonderful fans who support everyone. I noticed that when gymnasts lose objects, they are supported, so they can gather and finish the program. I performed without a loss today and the audience also applauded me, even shouted, it was very nice,” the Lithuanian gymnast said.

This week, on September 16-22, the 37th World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships is held at the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku. The tournament is the qualification competition for the 32nd Olympic Games in Tokyo. More than 300 gymnasts from 61 countries are competing for nine sets of medals. The motto of the tournament is “Fairy tales will come to life”


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