Aghdam welcomes Azerbaijani army (VIDEO)

Aghdam welcomes Azerbaijani army (VIDEO)

A video showing people welcoming the victorious Azerbaijani army entering Aghdam, is becoming viral in the Internet.

For those who meet the army, these are the happiest moments. People say:

"Karabakh was liberated! Finally, we have waited for this day!"

"After 27 years, 4 months and 17 days, we are returning to Aghdam. Lord, protect our president, our army!"

"I congratulate all Aghdam and Karabakh people!"

"The Almighty gifted us an opportunity to see this day!"

"Thanks to the supreme commander! I thank the entire Azerbaijani people and the army of Azerbaijan! Thanks to them, we are experiencing this great day!"

"We rejoice today! Glory to the Almighty!"

"Glory to the president! We are grateful that our Agdam returns. Shusha is ours! Khojaly is ours!"


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