Ahmed Massoud is going to surrender to Taliban?

Ahmed Massoud is going to surrender to Taliban?

Ahmad Massoud is holding the Panjshir Valley with other opposition fighters, but is set to surrender in the absence of international support.

Ahmed Massoud, the son of a renowned Afghan warlord, is holding the Panjshir Valley with a few hundred Afghan soldiers, commandos and pilots. He has been joined by other ousted Afghan leaders including Amrullah Saleh, the vice president who now claims to be the acting leader of Afghanistan.

In his first interview since the fall of Kabul, Massoud told The Telegraph last week that his surrounded forces would “fight to the last breath” if it came to war. But an adviser to Massoud, whose identity The Telegraph is not disclosing, said the 32-year-old was looking for a way to capitulate with his honour intact.

“Panjshir can’t fight the Taliban (terrorist group banned inn Russia), the Taliban have overwhelming forces,” the adviser said. “This is not the 1980s or 1980s, the Taliban have battle hardened fighters.”Hundreds of Taliban fighters have been sent towards Panjshir, according to the Taliban's Alemarah information service.

“The cards are heavily stacked against Panjshir,” he said. “I think Panjshir can hold out for two to three months, and then the winter will come.”

In a last ditch effort to stop a Taliban military offensive, the Panjshir forces sent a delegation to Pakistan last week to negotiate.


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