Ahmed Obali: we need new sources able to bring truth about Azerbaijan

Ahmed Obali: we need new sources able to bring truth about Azerbaijan

There is an urgent need for sources of information which could inform the international community about the truth of Azerbaijani realias, one of the prominent representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora in the United States, founder of Gunaz TV channel Hussein Ahmad Obali said, speaking with the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza.

“GunAz TV covers some part of this plan, but our channel is designed more for our compatriots, Iranians. Today, there is a very big need for an English-language channel about Azerbaijan for Americans,” Ahmad Obali stressed.

He recalled that the Azerbaijani diaspora in the United States is relatively young compared to others. “The first years were tough, our diaspora was inferior to people from other republics of the South Caucasus, but now it seems to be improving, it is becoming more united, stronger,” the director of the TV channel said.

“Great prospects have emerged. Appointment of the new leadership  to the Committee on Work with Diaspora contributed to building a positive momentum in this area. Today we have high hopes that the American Diaspora will be more active. Nowadays Azerbaijanis of America try to celebrate significant dates together. For example, we very widely celebrated events dedicated to the Day of the Republic with participation of Azerbaijanis from Iran, political figures from the United States. Traditionally, we celebrate Nowruz holiday, tragic dates, such as the Khojaly tragedy, the 1918 March events," Ahmad Obali said.

He also talked about cooperation with other diasporas, noting that they cooperate most closely with the Turkish diaspora in Azerbaijan and, despite the fact that both diasporas have their own priorities, in most cases they act from a common position.

Gunaz TV is a TV channel which is broadcasting in the Azerbaijani language. Its headquarters are in the city of Chicago, United States. It first launched its live broadcast in April 2005.  Gunaz TV's programs are aired 24 hours a day via the Hotbird Satellite.