Alan Duncan resigns as Foreign Office minister

Alan Duncan resigns as Foreign Office minister

British junior foreign minister Alan Duncan has resigned today, The Times political editor Steven Swinford said.

"Alan Duncan has quit. He handed in his resignation letter this morning," Reuters cited Swinford as saying.

Duncan, regarded as a pro-EU supporter, had accused Boris Johnson, the favourite to replace Theresa May as prime minister this week, of throwing Britain’s Washington ambassador under a bus for failing to support the envoy after his remarks about U.S. Donald Trump’s administration were leaked.

In his resignation letter to Theresa May, Sir Alan said it was "tragic" her government had been dominated by "the dark cloud of Brexit" - which he said had stopped the UK becoming the "dominant intellectual and political force" in the world.

He praised Mrs May for her "faultless dignity and an unstinting sense of duty", adding that she "deserved better" than to have her time in office "brought to an end" in such circumstances.


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